Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs believes that having size as a receiver makes a team “different.” – Kansas City Chiefs blog

KANSAS CITY (Mo. Q.A. — A few recent informal workouts were held in Texas. Patrick MahomesYou threw passes to a group that included receivers. Marquez Valdes-Scantling JuJu Smith-SchusterThe following are two recent free-agent signups by the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes was able to throw passes that initially he believed would be too high for Smith-Schuster (6-1) and Valdes–Scantling (6-4).

Mahomes instead said that “Those guys catch it easy.”

Chiefs have lost their ability to play dynamically. Tyreek HillTheir longtime No. 1 wide receiver, who was traded last monthTo the Miami DolphinsFor a package of draft selections. Mahomes believes that having a group of receivers with a greater catch radius is one way for the Chiefs to make up Hill's departure.

Mahomes stated this week that the Chiefs have “a lot of size in their receiving room that you don't have in the past.” Mahomes spoke as they began their offseason conditioning program. “We have done it differently, with speed and beating men deep. I believe having that size will be different. It is something I am excited about and will prove to be very useful during the season.

“Having such a nice receiving room [with]Everybody who is able to go out and make plays will have great competition. It will also help us in the end.

The Chiefs haven’t yet finalized their offensive plan. Kansas City may add another receiver with the two picks in the first four rounds.

Andy Reid stated that he did not expect the Chiefs' offense to be significantly different from what they have been using for several years. He also said that he is interested in adding bigger receivers to replace the 5-10 Hill.

Reid stated that Reid did “certain things very well” and that people will try to fill those gaps without being forced. “Normally we play to people's strengths in this. We'll get to know some of the new guys and work with them.

“We are fortunate that they have speed, athletic ability, and size. We strive to bring out those redeeming qualities. [use]Do your best. It has a slightly different feel than what we had in the past.

Mahomes hasn't played with Valdescantling, a wide receiver who runs fast and is large. He has thrown mostly to smaller wideouts like Hill and Mecole Hardman, also 5-10, and midsized receivers like former Chiefs Demarcus Robinson, Byron Pringle Sammy WatkinsAll 6-1

Chris ConleyAt 6-3, he is the last wide receiver of similar size to play with Mahomes. His last season was in 2018.

Reid stated that Marquez is capable of doing many different things. He has good stop-start abilities. He is a target. He'll run your slant games. He can make your deep throws. He is capable of running intermediate routes. He has a good sense of space and gives us some flexibility.”

A set of receivers that included quick players like Hill and Hardman was a challenge to defensive schemes that featured a lot shell coverage or two-deep safety. This type of coverage proved more effective in controlling the Chiefs' big plays than the Chiefs' opponents.

Mahomes stated without Hill, he wondered if opponents would change tactics.

Mahomes said, “I'm very intrigued to see what defenses are going against us in general.” “Mahomes said that a lot of the shells stuff was caused by the speed we had outside. We have that same speed this year thanks to Valdescantling and Mecole. But we also have larger guys that can catch it over a middle. [6-5 tight end Travis Kelce]JuJu, obviously, as well as all the other guys. We are a mix of speed, size, and I believe that defenses will have to be able to not only cover deep, but also get up and play some man.

They won't be able to see exactly where the ball is going on every play. This offense has so many players. “I'm just happy to be able go out there and spread the ball around.

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