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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The New England PatriotsAre in the fourth week their voluntary offseason programme, and veteran wide receiver Nelson AgholorAlready, he can see a difference.

“Everybody follows certain routes but the route tree is what matters most.” [here]He said that it was a bit different from what he'd run before. “I know what it is, so I'm able to give my spin and play fast.

“Whereas one year ago I was learning, you now do things at your own pace. Because you want it to be done right, you don't get to go at the full speed you need. I'm now able to put my spin on it.

If coach Bill Belichick is to improve his squad's last season's disastrous 47-17 playoff defeat to the Patriots, this flavor will be crucial. Buffalo Bills.

The reason is simple: Belichick was less conservative than last year's offseason, when they spent a record $163 million in guaranteed cash in free agency.

Agholor is a great example of this approach. For $22 million, Agholor signed for two years in March 2021. His production of 37 receptions, 473 yards and 3 TDs didn't meet the price tag for a variety reasons. He remains positive that better days are ahead.

“The best part of it, year 2 in the Patriots system is when guys really get started. He said, “I feel comfortable. I'm excited for my best season with Patriots and show why i'm here.”

Agholor rejoins other returnees Jakobi Meyers(Team-high 83 catches, 866 yards, 2 TDs). Kendrick Bourne(55 for 800 and 5 TDs) Atop the receiver depth charts, with veteran trade acquisition DeVante ParkerQuick second-round pick Tyquan ThorntonCompleting the top five.

It's not guaranteed that second-year jumps will occur, but many players serve as reminders to the contrary — receiver N'Keal HarryCornerback Joejuan Williams, tight end Devin AsiasiLinebackers and, Josh Uche, Chase WinovichAnd Anfernee JenningsThese are just a few of the many that come to my mind.

With Agholor serving as a springboard for the Patriots, here are some other players that they will acquire in 2021.

Tight end Jonnu Smith:He signed for four years and $50 million. Last season, he had only 28 receptions for 294 yards. In the hopes of rebounding, he made a major change by becoming a full-time participant at the voluntary offseason program. Due to COVID-19 considerations and the birth of his daughter, he wasn't able to participate in the program last season.

QB Mac Jones:The 15th overall pick was second in Associated Press Offensive Roster of the Year voting. So his “jump” falls under leadership. Jones is already embracing it and feels more at ease opening his home for draft team members on the first night and having a Hibachi chef available. Robert Kraft, the owner of the Hibachi restaurant, said in March that “I really believe.” [Jones]He has a bit more edge than what we have seen. He's also been very respectful.”

Linebacker Cameron McGrone:The Patriots selected McGrone, a Michigan standout, in the fifth round. However they knew he would not be playing as a rookie while he healed from his torn left anterior ligament injury in his final college season. McGrone did get back to practice in the final season of his college career, but was not activated to the roster. However, inside linebackers coach JerodMayo thought McGrone might be thinking about McGrone when he was asked about the “How do you feel?” question.Pats from the Past” Podcast about fewer college three-down linebackers. Mayo stated: “We have a few guys who can rush, cover, and some guys that Pats Nation doesn't even know about.”

Linebacker Ronnie Perkins:In part, the Oklahoma third-round pick (96th overall) didn’t play in any of the games. Matthew JudonAnd Kyle Van NoyHe was a top-ranked outside linebacker. He was frequently seen before games practicing pass-rush technique alongside Joe Kim, the director of skill development. Now, he has a clearer path to a position after Van Noy (Chargers), was released. If he proves worthy.

Cornerback Shaun Wade:Ravens selected him in the fifth round. At the end of preseason, the Patriots traded Wade for a 2022 seventh round pick and a 2020 fifth-rounder. Wade, who is 6'1 and 191 pounds, played only three games. This was partly due to injury but also because he had to learn a lot from his late arrival. Mike Pellegrino, Cornerbacks coach, stated last season that Wade was actually learning a new way of speaking. After the season, there is a noticeable void in the Patriots' cornerback position. J.C. JacksonWade will try to win the contract after he leaves as a free agent.

Linebacker Raekwon McMillan:After a strong start to training camp last year, the veteran injured his left ACL. He was unable to play for the team and missed the entire season. There is a significant risk in putting your faith in him for 17 games, given his injury history. Belichick said last year, before the injury: “I've always been impressed with his intelligence and his work ethic. He works hard every day.”

Safety Joshuah Bledsoe:He was a sixth-round selection from Missouri. After sustaining an injury to his wrist, he spent the majority of the year in rehab before returning to practice in the final stages. He did not appear in any game. He has a legitimate opportunity to be part the team's next generation if he is healthy. This is based on promising behind-the-scenes development.

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