Joe Judge, Patriots offensive assistant, says he is working with Mac Jones.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. The details of former New York GiantsJoe Judge is the head coach. New England PatriotsHe made it clearer Monday that he was an offensive assistant, telling reporters that he is working with Mac JonesThe quarterbacks.

This is a crucial position in Bill Belichick’s staff. Jones' promise and Josh McDaniels' departure to become the long-term, innovative offensive coordinator make it a vital position. Las Vegas RaidersHead coach.

In the meantime, Detroit LionsMatt Patricia, who was a senior advisor to Belichick New England in the 2021 season, stated that he is now working with the line.

Belichick previously named Judge and Patricia as the two most important coaches on offense but hadn't publicly stated their roles or whether they would replace McDaniels on game day.

Judge was asked whether he would call plays in 2022. He replied: “Look, right now, I'll tell ya straight and honest, nothing has been decided or spoken to me.” … To be completely honest, the focus is not on who calls plays right now. If Coach would like to announce a similar role, we'll let him know.”

The Patriots currently are in the second phase their voluntary offseason programme, where coaches work with players on drills that can be used individually or as a whole unit. Patricia and Judge explained their roles, although reporters were not allowed into practice.

Judge was 10 years old when he became the Giants' head coach in 2020-2021.

“I am working alongside Mac, as well as all the skill group for offense. I would say that all of us are working together as a unit to coach the entire offense. That's my most direct and concrete answer. … This has been a key focus for us as coaches. We want all the players to be able to coach and have a good understanding of the offense.

Judge claimed that he had watched Jones tapes for months before the 2021 draft. Jones then made an impression on Judge during practice with the Patriots in the 21 preseason.

“There are many things that you admire — accuracy, presence in the pocket and decision-making, among other things. He said that he liked the way he commanded the huddle when we practiced against each other; that was something that really stood out for me.”

Patricia, who was 13-229-1 as Lions head coaches from 2018-202020, described his new role in the Lions as a return to college and the NFL. His first job was on the offensive line when he joined the Patriots in 2004. He then switched to defense in 2006. He remained there for 12 consecutive years.

“I've been working on the offensive line, and it has been great for my,” he stated. It's been great to go back to that.

Patricia was interviewed for the first time since joining the Patriots over a year ago. He was also asked about his experiences with the Lions.

“Detroit was an incredible opportunity for me. I am very grateful for [Martha Firestone Ford]He said that he was proud of the team and the organization. I believe that football is a place where you can learn and grow every year. I found that being a head football coach in Detroit allowed me the freedom to have different opinions and perspectives, as well as different ideas to share with Coach Belichick.

It's been great to return to work and be able to concentrate on one job. It's been a good part.

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