Patty Mills of Brooklyn Nets says Ben Simmons is hungry after a trade

NEW YORK — As Brooklyn NetsSwingman Ben SimmonsGets acclimated to his veteran guard team Patty MillsSimmons, a former All Star at 25, says that he feels a “fire” within him as he begins his NBA career. He requested a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Mills commented that Mills saw a genuine hunger in him after Wednesday's shootaround. “His demeanor is very positive and he wants to return to the court and make an impact. He has the desire to improve and grow. He's one of the reasons I'm excited for him to be in my locker room and to help him in any way.

Simmons was purchased last week by the Sixers together with Seth Curry, Andre DrummondTwo future first-round picks in return for All-Star guard James Harden Paul Millsap. Simmons stated again Tuesday during his introductory press conference that he felt that Philadelphia wasn't the right place for him after experiencing mental health issues and feeling like he wasn’t himself.

Mills met Simmons first in primary school in Australia. This is equivalent to elementary school here in the United States. Simmons said that Simmons has settled in well since he began getting to know his new colleagues over the last few days.

Mills said, “I just think his mojo and his energy.” “Being in this atmosphere, being with others, spirits are high. He can feel the energy and the current state of the group. He just seems to be able to slide right in, making us all feel as comfortable as possible. After some time, it's an exciting time for him. We are excited to complete the puzzle and achieve our goal.

Although Simmons hasn't been allowed to practice with the Nets since his arrival, he was able to watch the team's walk-throughs and get to know the sets that Steve Nash would like to play.

Mills indicated that the group remains 100 percent confident that they can turn the season around this year and win a title, even though they face the Nets on Wednesday. New York KnicksI have lost 11 out of 12 and am still struggling with many issues. Kevin DurantA sprain to the MCL can cause a lack of consciousness. Kyrie IrvingPart-time status due to the New York City vaccination mandate.

Mills stated that belief in the group's ability to get back on track is only growing as the Nets begin to come together.

Mills stated that he believes the team has men who are motivated and genuine to win a championship. “So that doesn’t waver. Are there any adversities along the way. Is it possible for things to get blurry? Sure, sometimes. It happens sometimes, but I think the goal of what we want to do in the locker rooms doesn't change. All of these adversities are used to help build the character of each person in the locker room, which will ultimately lead to the character building of the entire team.

“So now we are beginning to find our identity on and off court. We are strong as a team and I believe that with all the changes we have gone through, we have become closer as a collective. We still have the same goal and that is because of the people and winners in our locker room.

Curry's arrival is another reason why the Nets feel good, despite recent losses and injuries. In his Nets debut, Curry scored 23 points against the Toronto Raptors. Sacramento KingsOn Monday night, he joked that he was tired from being the one who had to deal with the offense all the time.

Curry said, “It wasn't hard.” It was exhausting the other night. It felt like every down they were looking to me to make a show and a few times I just wanted rest because Philly is clearly in my mind. [the offense]It wasn't like I was being ran through so many nights. But it's enjoyable, it's a good testing ground for me, a challenge for me to see how I play as a player. Good decisions with the ball and not just scoring. It's a learning process. I know that things may change when other players return so I'm just trying my best to help the team win.

Curry explained that Durant will be returning in the next couple of weeks, making it even more exciting for the group heading into the All Star break.

Curry stated, “A lot optimism.” “Guys moving closer to getting back and having our whole team and seeing how we'll play. When you play with star talents like Kyrie and Ben, it can take some time to get used to them.

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