Pete Carroll optimistic that Seattle Seahawks and DK Metcalf will reach a deal. However, Chris Carson is uncertain of his future.

RENTON (Wash.) — Pete Carroll announced Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks We remain optimistic about reaching a deal with the receiver DK Metcalf It is still not clear if running back is a good idea. Chris Carson Neck surgery will result in a full recovery.

These two offensive stars were unable to attend the minicamp this week due to different reasons. Metcalf was due to receive a major extension and Carson was excused from the minicamp. Metcalf, however, was unable to attend. Carroll had praised Carroll for his voluntary participation in the offseason workout program, despite his uncertain contract situation and recovery from foot surgery.

Carroll stated that he had hoped Metcalf would attend the Seattle three-day mandatory minicamp practice on Thursday. He called it regrettable that he was not.

Carroll stated that Carroll had to make a decision. “We missed him. He had done a great job contributing and being part of all that we had done. Now he is just here. While I cannot speak to what he did here, we would love to have him around.

The Seahawks declared Metcalf's inability to attend minicamp excused. This means that he will face a maximum of $93,000 fines for missing three days. Carroll was asked if the team would impose these fines. He declined, citing his policy against discussing such matters in public.

Metcalf is now entering his final year of the rookie contract. After accumulating 216 catches for 3,170 yard and 29 touchdowns during his first three seasons, Metcalf has been averaging 216 catches. Metcalf hasn't missed a single game since the Seahawks selected him in the second round of 2019. Metcalf is in line to receive a deal that could see him earn more than $25million per year due to his performance.

Carroll indicated that Metcalf had been involved in “some” contract talks. The Seahawks are known for not extending big-budget contracts to players under-contract until the end of the summer.

Carroll stated that these are critical weeks for getting something done. He said, “We'll see what happens and hopefully we can come up with something.”[We've] You really do want to see that happen.”

Carroll responded to a question about whether he was more optimistic about Metcalf getting a deal than before his minicamp non-show. He said that the Seahawks had a strong record of signing long-term players ever since John Schneider and Carroll arrived in 2010.

Carroll said, “I am not less optimistic, but I'm not less hopeful.” This is something we've experienced for many years. It's a hard time. It's been a difficult time for many men. It was a quick process. John is committed to it. DK's great representation has DK a lot of experience with this stuff. There's no way to avoid the first experience, the feeling and the experience. He is an extraordinary person. He is a great player. He has so many things to offer the world, and I don't want him missing this chance to help us figure it all out. We'll do our best to make it happen.

Carson, 27 years old, was limited to four games last year due to a neck injury that required what Carroll called “fusion surgery” in December. According to Carroll, he still doesn't have full range of motion and was not cleared by medical professionals after a recent examination.

Carroll stated that there is a “big assessment” to be made when Carson meets with doctors again in a few weeks. He added: “They'll reconvene, see where he's at and let us know.”

Carroll stated that he visited Carroll about 10 days ago and got a chance to get to know him. He was concerned because he wanted to play and he loved the game. Carroll said that he is a worker and wants to push and work. There were some things that he was still reluctant to do, so he wasn’t ready to do everything.

It's hard for him. The game is something that our boys grew up loving and it can be very difficult to let go of. It's hard and it's real. As we love everyone who goes through this, we will support him and love him. It's inevitable. It's coming. But it's never too soon. He knows we are trying to stop that. He's battling. He's trying his best, and he wants the ultimate victory.

As Seattle's starting quarterback, Carson started all five of Carson's NFL seasons. He reached 1,100 yards in both 2018 (14 games) & 2019 (15 games), his two best years of an otherwise difficult career. After being granted free agency during the offseason, he is now under contract through 2022. He will also be returning to Seattle on a 2-year, $10.425m deal with $5.5 million guaranteed.

The Seahawks have resigned Rashaad Penny In March and drafted Ken Walker III In the second round, Carson's future football career was up in the air.

Carroll said, “He was one of my favourite Seahawks ever.” We loved what he stood up for and what his contributions were, and would love to have him back. He is a special player, a special competitor on your team, and an exceptional person. So we'll keep our fingers crossed.”

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