Philadelphia 76ers are still left to ‘wait and watch’ on Joel Embiid status, after being pushed into a 0-2 hole by the Miami Heat

MIAMI — The Miami Hurricanes dropped their first two games at Biscayne Bay, opening up the Eastern Conference semifinal against them. HeatWithout the superstar big man Joel EmbiidOne question hangs above the rest. Philadelphia 76ersAs the series moves back to the City of Brotherly Love, Game 3 Friday night will be:

Will Embiid play in Game 3 or not?

Doc Rivers, 76ers coach said, “I really don’t know.” He was speaking after Wednesday night’s 119 to103 loss to Miami in Game 2. Philadelphia once again played without Embiid as a result of his facial fracture and concussion against the Miami. Toronto RaptorsLast week. “We talked [Tuesday]We talked, and he said [Wednesday].

He spoke well. He still has so many things to do, and I doubt he’s done any of them yet. We’ll just have to watch and wait.

Philadelphia lost Game 2 without Embiid. Miami was the dominant paint team, beating Philadelphia 44 to 34 and scoring 21 second-chance points.

The 76ers were unable to buy a 3-pointer and went 8-for-30 in Game 2. This makes the 76ers 14 for 64 from 3-point range through two of the first two series games.

Rivers said, “I liked these shots tonight.” Rivers said, “We had wide-open shots.

It’s difficult to go 8-for-30 with all the shots you get. Look at the difference. They were 14 for 29. You can play the game there.

The Heat on the other hand, rebounded from their poor shooting in Game 1.

Philadelphia was able to keep its cool even though it did not have its star center, as seen in Game 1. Tyrese MaxeyScored 34 points, breaking out in transition and slicing through Miami defense to the rim. Tobias HarrisA strong two-way performance was achieved by Had 21 points, four rebounds and four assists. He also had four steals.

James HardenAlso, he played better scoring 20 points with nine assists as he continues receiving the same massive attention the Heat paid to Hawks star Trae YoungIn the first round.

Harden stated that the team did a great job of placing two on the ball, trying to deprive me practically the entire court. This gave our guys more room to be aggressive if it meant they could deny me anywhere on the court.

Give them credit. However, I feel that if we make shots (and I keep saying it), but it opens up a little more. You have to respect our shooters now.

Another thing that would draw attention away from Harden is Embiid returning to the court.

Rivers would not confirm Embiid’s return but the Heat are certain to see Rivers as the finalist in the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award for a second season.

Erik Spoelstra, Heat coach said “It changes drastically” when asked what Embiid’s future would bring to the series. “You’re talking MVP talent. We’ll just have the chance to see.

“We knew this series was changing, and we knew it was going change. [if he returns]. It is better to see it change slowly if we can get a few wins [first]But he does change the equation quite a bit.

It is unclear, however, if Embiid will still be able play in Game 3 or if his return will be sufficient to tip this series in Philadelphia’s favor. Embiid’s injuries don’t end there. Georges NiangIn Game 2, Niang preferred a knee. Rivers acknowledged that Niang had been playing at less then 100% for “sometime now.”

Matisse ThybullePart-time Toronto participant, he had to miss the first round of Philadelphia’s series. Danny GreenNow, the series is 2-for-14 with 3-point range.

Embiid would be able to relieve some of the pressure from his teammates and would give Harden more freedom to move around. It is not certain that he will be able to return at 100%, but it is possible.

Maxey said, “If Joel’s back that would be great.” “If he’s still not back then you can keep fighting. It’s a fight. It will be a fight again Friday. I think [one thing]That we remove [these games]It is time to attack them. Attack them. Do not dance or play with the ball in front men. You can go straight at them, then you can go downhill and they will spray it out to our shooters. Or finish up the top.

Rivers indicated that his team is ready to fight to win the series back in front of their home crowd, regardless if Embiid will be on the court.

Rivers stated, “That’s why the film was made for, and that is what adjustments are for.”

“And we will prepare for Game 3.”

This report was contributed to by Nick Friedell from ESPN.

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