Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid could be out for Game 3

PHILADELPHIA – 76ers star center Joel EmbiidSources tell ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, although he is currently listed as unavailable for Game 3 of Philadelphia’s Eastern Conference semifinal against MiamI Heat that takes place on Friday, there is still work to be done to change his availability to play Friday.

Doc Rivers, 76ers coach, stated Thursday afternoon that Embiid is still not cleared by the NBA's concussion protocol. He cannot be listed except out until he does.

Rivers responded, “No, it's not yet,” to Rivers when he was asked if there were any changes in Embiid status Thursday afternoon. There are still hurdles to overcome. “I'm not an expert in medicine. I don’t know everything I mean.

Since being hit in the head with an elbow, Embiid isn't playing. Toronto RaptorsForward Pascal SiakamLast week, Game 6 was the sixth game in the first round series.

Philadelphia is missing Embiid. He was named a finalist at the NBA's Most Valuable Player award. Even without point guard, The Heat. Kyle LowryAfter missing four games due to a hamstring injury, he was able to win two straight games.

Lowry, along with many other Heat players, is listed as questionable in Game 3. Tyler Herro, Gabe Vincent, Max Strus, P.J. Tucker Caleb MartinWho all participated in Game 2?

Erik Spoelstra and many of the Heat's players said that they expect Embiid to return following Miami's 119-103 win in Game 2.

When asked by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra Wednesday night about what Embiid’s return would mean to the series, Spoelstra replied “It changes drastically.” You're talking MVP talent, right? We'll have to wait and see.

“We knew this series would shift and we were going to see dramatic changes. [if he returns]. It is better to see it change slowly if we can get a few wins [first]But he does change the equation quite a bit.”

Rivers expressed optimism that Philadelphia could get back in the series despite shooting just 14-for 64 from 3-point range in those games.

Rivers stated, “I feel great.” Rivers said, “I feel great. I'd rather not be down 0-2, but shouldn't I feel bad?” I mean, we lost two games. The film shows that we worked hard. Our men competed. That's a great idea. We had some great shots. Because there are many analytical people in the world. It was our 12th highest. [shot profile]Of the year. This means that we didn't get shots, but we did make some good shots. I trust the men on the floor to be able make great shots over the long-term. I thought Game 1 was a great game. These shots weren't my favorite. Game two had plenty of open shots. Tons of open threes.

“The game came down to the three-point line in many ways when you take a look at it. We missed ours, they made theirs. “I believe we have faith in our players,”

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