Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers’ coach, said that he told Nick Nurse, Toronto Raptors coach to stop complaining about officiating

PHILADELPHIA 76ersstar Joel EmbiidHear Toronto RaptorsNick Nurse complained about how Embiid was officiated at the opening of the first round playoff series.

After Embiid had 31 points and 11 rebounds, and was 12-for-14 at the free throw line, helping the 76ers to take a 2-0 series advantage on Monday night, the All Star big man spoke briefly with Nurse on the sideline, right in front of Toronto’s bench in the final seconds. 112-97 victory.

What was Embiid’s message about?

Embiid declared, “He is a great coach.” “Obviously, he has been able to accomplish.” [a lot]A big fan.

“But, I told he, respectfully, that I told him to stop b —-ing over calls.”

Embiid was able to score 19 of his 31 points, as well as 12 free throws attempts, in the first quarter. This was when he made a clear statement of intent to impose himself on the game.

Embiid became involved with Raptors forward OG AnunobyIn the first minute, both men received technical fouls. After Toronto took a quick 11-2 lead in the first quarter, the Raptors were soon in foul trouble due to the big man's continued forays into Toronto's paint. Embiid was forced to foul out.

“If you are going to triple-team someone all game, they will get to the line. Or if you push them off and try and hold them and all that stuff, they will get to the line. “So, I felt like every foul was legitimate and should have been more.

Nurse was not in agreement. Nurse, on the other hand, disagreed with his statement that Embiid had struck his players with three to five elbows in their faces after Game 1. He should have been called several other fouls. Nurse claimed there was some improvement Tuesday, but not enough.

Nurse said, with his tongue planted in his mouth, that he was glad that there weren't as many elbows thrown at the face tonight than we had to endure. He was frustrated by what he considered a clear charge call. It was called a block and was then not overturned when he challenged the validity of it.

Concerning his conversation with Embiid, one Nurse was asked about it during postgame availability. Embiid replied that there wasn't much.

Nurse stated, “He was saying to him that he would keep making free throws if he keeps fouling.” “And I replied, “Well, you might have.

“But a strong player, man. He has a lot of respect. He is certainly doing a great job here. We are competing against him, and he is trying to compete with us.

It has been very one-sided so far. Toronto did not have a standout rookie Scottie BarnesAfter he injured his left ankle in Game 1, Thaddeus YoungPlayed 8 minutes ineffectively with a sprained left hand.

Gary Trent Jr.After being away from the team for two days with a non COVID illness, Trent played a very hopeless 10 minute game. He missed all three shots and committed four fouls. Nurse admitted that Trent should not have played in the game, but he was grateful for his efforts.

Embiid led Philadelphia, however, imposed its will on Toronto for a second straight game. Tyrese Maxey(23 points; 9 rebounds; 8 assists) Tobias Harris(20 points, 10 rebound) Philadelphia won the rebounding contest (41-35) and shot 52% from field. Toronto was awarded 30 free throws.

All of it started with Embiid. He roared many times in the first half as he and Fred VanVleetToronto finished ahead of Toronto by one point, 33 to 32.

Although Philadelphia led by 12 points in the second, Philadelphia was ahead of the Raptors in the third. Embiid was on the bench. But it was his first quarter physical play that set the tone for the rest of the game.

“He let the world know that we won't take bullying,” said 76ers forward Danny Green.

Embiid also sustained injuries throughout the game. He injured his left foot in late part of the first half, and his right (shooting elbow) in the final quarter. He was able go through both injuries without major complications and will be available for Game 3 in Toronto, Wednesday, at the latest.

Embiid was actually looking forward to the challenge and going up 3-0 against this Raptors team. He said he thinks there will be fewer fouls in Game 3 and that he'll still be willing to play aggressively if needed to keep his line moving.

Embiid stated that referees and league are the same. They'll be there in the next game and will let things go. They won't call any fouls, but they will come in the next game. You need to be more aggressive in this situation. You need to get to the rim faster. You have to leap over people and you must finish through contact. It's an adjustment for the refs. [the Raptors are] complaining.

“I have been doing this for a while so I know that it's often the adjustment. [And]That's where I'd be more physically in that situation.”

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