Philadelphia 76ers’ TyreseMaxey gets the spotlight with 38 goals in Game 1 win against Raptors

PHILADELPHIA — The days leading up the start of the first-round series, between the Philadelphia 76ersAnd Toronto RaptorsThe focus was on effectiveness. James HardenIt would be against Toronto’s long-range, switching defense.

However, Game 1 was won by another 76ers guard on Saturday night.

Tyrese MaxeyMaxey scored 38 points including a 21 point explosion in the third quarter. This helped Philadelphia win 131-111 in front of a sold-out crowd of 20,610 people at Wells Fargo Center. This was Maxey’s latest win, a clear reminder of how far he has come in his second season.

Doc Rivers, the 76ers coach said, “His speed has been a factor.” “We are aware that we need to continue using him in space. He might drive to pass some nights. Tonight, he drove and got to the basket and made shots.

Maxey was a good example of this Saturday night. He went 14-for-21 from field, and 5-for-8 from 3-point range. Maxey's speed is evident last year, but it was his improved jump shot which has allowed him to improve his game. As a rookie, Maxey was a 30-percent 3-point shooter. He became a 42-percent shooter with over four 3-point attempts per day in Year 2.

Maxey displayed all aspects of his game on Saturday night. He took down shots at Toronto's rim, tore through Toronto's defense, and got to the foul line where he was 6-for-7.

Although the Sixers are known for playing slower than their rivals, Maxey played a key role in Saturday's transition game, when Philadelphia made a concerted effort. Harden hitting Maxey streaking for a layup during the third quarter was a great example.

Harden stated, “He's running and you have to reward him.” “He is a great finisher. He always makes the right play. I'm just trying to get him to keep going.

Maxey's game was one of many outstanding performances by Philadelphia in the series opener. Harden was still unable to produce the same burst as the 76ers wanted in the paint. He only went 2-for-10 on 2-point shots but still managed 22 points. His signature stepback 3-pointers were key to this success, with his 4-for-7 finish from 3-point range. Harden had 15 rebounds and 14 assists, with one turnover.

Joel EmbiidWhile he struggled to hit the shots, going 5-for-15 with his shots, he was a master inside and finished with 19 points and 15 rebound, as well as four offensive boards. He also had four assists, and no turnovers.

“It starts with me,” Embiid stated. “Never get frustrated. I did invite the double and triple teams they kept sending to me all night. We are just trying to win by making the right play. It was so simple. I have played against them over many years, particularly with the same coach. Therefore, I feel I understand their mindset and play style.

Tobias HarrisTo their credit, 26 points were scored on 9-for-14 shooting. Six rebounds and six assists added to that made Philadelphia a much more formidable team than Toronto. Philadelphia had four turnovers, compared to seven for Toronto. Philadelphia also held a 10-7 advantage on offensive rebounds, which was something the Raptors were expected too control.

Harden stated, “It was an excellent game individually for some men.” “Then, for our team, we discussed this past week rebounding the basketball and not turning the ball over. I think that we did a good job of that tonight.”

Maxey however stole the show. After taking over as the team's point guard, Maxey was able to take the reigns at training camp. Ben SimmonsAfter requesting a trade, Simmons didn't show up, but he did slot in immediately next to Harden. This was Saturday's second time he demonstrated how important he is to Philadelphia's title hopes.

Tobias Harris, a forward for the 76ers, said that Tyrese was great. He is a player who works hard and has game.

He gets it. He realizes that hard work pays off and tonight was no exception. It's obvious that tonight was a testimony to this.

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