Monty Williams, Phoenix Suns coach, suggests creating special sections to support players’ families following Sunday’s “unnecessary” incident.

Phoenix SunsMonty Williams, the coach, said that the NBA should have a special section reserved for families of visiting teams. Chris Paul‘s family was targeted during Sunday's playoff game at Dallas.

The incident occurred during Game 4 in the Western Conference semifinals. Dallas MavericksSuns. Sources told ESPN that Paul's family was present and were physically and verbally contacted by one of the fans.

Paul addressed the Mother's Day issue via social media after the Mavericks' 111-111 win, which tied the series at 2:2.

He tweeted: “Wanna fine athletes for saying stuff to fans, but the fans have the right to put their hands on our families…f—!

Sources told ESPN that Paul's mother Robin and Jada, his wife, watched the game from seats near the Suns' bench at American Airlines Center. A source close to the situation said that Paul's mother was put under pressure and his wife was pushed. Paul and his children were there to witness it. A separate source claimed that Paul's wife was also pushed up the aisle after she got up from her seat.

ESPN reports that “they felt very unsafe.” A source close to the situation stated that.

Williams, who spoke Monday at Suns practice, said that it was a difficult situation because it is happening more often. “The circumstances are getting to a point now where I really feel that families, who are there for their loved ones, should be protected a bit more. We must do something, regardless of whether we need to give them a section or suite.

“Because there is no way to wait for it get to a certain level, we must do what we have to do. Yesterday was unnecessary.”

After the game, the Mavericks stated that they knew of the incident between Paul's family and a fan at American Airlines Center. Williams claimed that he wasn't aware of the full extent of harassment at the time, as the game was still being played.

The Mavericks released a statement saying that it was an unacceptable behavior and would not tolerate. “The Mavericks and American Airlines Center quickly removed the fan from today‚Äôs game.”

After Monday's practice, Paul did not speak to the media.

Suns forward Cam Johnson claimed that a similar incident occurred in Milwaukee during last season's NBA Finals. His girlfriend was hit in her back and beer was spilled on to her. Johnson claimed that he only learned about the incident after the game.

Johnson said, “It wasn't a small scene.” Johnson said, “It really frustrated my.”

Johnson claimed that Milwaukee's security personnel handled the situation, and that the fan was expelled from the game. He stated that security can only protect families.

Johnson stated that fans are responsible for a large portion of the responsibility. Johnson said, “They just cannot act that way. There is no other way. The problem must be addressed. It is that a fan cannot harass a mother by going up to her.”

Game 5 takes place in Phoenix on Tuesday night. The series is tied at 2:2.

Williams stated that Williams did not believe this was indicative of Dallas' fans. “They cheer for their team. This kind of incident has never happened to me at that arena.

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