Pittsburgh Steelers remember Dwayne haskins with a memorial attended by friends, coaches, and family

PITTSBURGH — Kalabrya Hakins assisted in the release of three white doves that were placed over Dwayne Haskins’ casket. Gospel music was played.

The Pittsburgh SteelersOn Friday morning, the former quarterback was honored at a service held at Allegheny Center Alliance Church, Pittsburgh. Haskins' service was blessed with a bright, sunny spring setting thanks to the lifting of morning fog from the unseasonably cold and cloudy weather of the past few days.

The church altar was covered in memorabilia relating to Haskins' football career. The closed casket was flanked by four jerseys, one from each of the stops in Haskins' career: Ohio State Bullis School and Ohio State. Washington CommandersSteelers. Red and white roses in huge arrangements filled the church's front, with a huge bouquet on top of a black casket.

The service lasted 90 minutes and was attended by the majority of current Steelers players, Diontae Johnson, Mitch Trubisky Cam Heyward. Urban Meyer, a former Ohio State coach, and Ryan Day, current coach at the Steelers, attended with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert, as well as Art Rooney II, team owner and president.

Tomlin was among six speakers who shared stories and memories of Haskins with Mykel Traylor Bennett and Mohamed Jabbie, two of Haskins' close friends. Cedric Saunders is wide receiver and Cedric Saunders is agent. Steven SimsHaskins' wife.

Haskins' parents were unable to attend the Pittsburgh service. Instead, they will host public memorial services in New Jersey or Maryland this weekend.

Haskins' parents released a statement that stated, “We have not met or spoken with the wife, and it wasn't our son's funeral to be the place where we first met her,” a family spokesperson said.

After the service, Haskins' casket were carried by six pallbearers: Jabbie Traylor-Bennett, Jabbie Jabbie.

Kalabrya haskins, Whitney Houston's “Exhale”, played and she walked down the steps to meet the casket that was positioned in front of the silver hearse.

She cried and draped her body over the casket. Friends and family consoled her, while a worship leader offered a prayer and a send off for her husband.

He brought out the white birds and allowed Haskins' loved ones to touch them before releasing them.

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