Pittsburgh Steelers want to increase their passing game. Get WR George Pickens involved

Pittsburgh Steelers want to increase their passing game. Get WR George Pickens involved

PITTSBURGH — We are now two weeks into the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ season, quarterback Mitch Trubisky He hears the calling to open up the passing games. And he is eager to answer the bell.

He stated Tuesday that he likes to throw the ball downfield. “Why I haven’t given you the certain looks, especially during a game, I don’t know. But that is what we are searching for. That's what I want.”

Trubisky averages 5.1 yards per attempt this year, which is second in the league behind only Cowboys quarterbacks. Dak Prescott.

A rookie wide receiver could be a key factor in the Steelers' passing game, starting with Thursday's showdown at Cleveland. George Pickens. Georgia's product impressed during training camp and the preseason. However, he has only six targets and two receptions so far.

Trubisky stated, “I think that I could look for 14 (George) Pickens more often,” “He does a fantastic job for us. I just have to get these players the football. I have to make better decisions, be more aggressive, and give, to put us in that situation.

The passing game was sluggish for the second consecutive game. Mike Tomlin, Monday's coach, urged patience in the offense's development. However, he also stated that the quarterback as well as the playcalls can be more aggressive.

Matt Canada, offensive coordinator, stated that “Obviously there are opportunities down the field” “… Mitch will continue to be in a position to make plays. That's what we need to do. We'll keep doing this until we win.

“… You have to make plays. We must call plays. We all have to call plays until we are able to produce enough offense. I'm the one in charge. That's fine by me. It's eleven guys doing their jobs, which includes us as coaches. “We're not going anywhere to point fingers.”

Wide receiver Chase Claypool His unit believes it is on the verge of being all-inclusive.

Claypool stated that “our offense isn’t dead in water.” Claypool said that there are a few things that happen in every game. There could be two plays or two big plays made by the offense. We just have to trust the plan, I think.

Trubisky believes it's all about trusting his instincts and managing plays that can spark his unit's energy while balancing those that may be to its disadvantage. Trubisky stated that it is difficult to strike a balance between protecting the football and being aggressive. So you want to be aggressive in your quarterback role, but you need to also protect your football because they will always keep us in the game.

A tempo offense is another option that the Steelers could add to their arsenal. This helped them score the only touchdown of the second half.

Trubisky spoke of tempo offense, saying that “I'm comfortable using it.” “You just need to be selective about when you use it. It worked great in the game. The coaches can decide whether we use it more often.

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