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TEMPE, Ariz. — Whether it is possible Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler MurrayThis offseason, the topic that was most discussed during the NFL Combine's first few days was whether the contract would be extended. a statement from his agentErik Burkhardt, the author, was released just as Indianapolis events began. It's an ongoing topic until the extension is granted, if ever.

This is what we know: Murray is eligible now that he has finished his third NFL Season. He has one more year on his rookie agreement and is also eligible to receive a fifth-year option.

Talk of Murray's extension had been quiet until Burkhardt made his statement. The statement unleashed an a barrage of questions for coach Kliff Kingsbury and general manager Steve Keim last Tuesday. Last Wednesday, the Cardinals also announced the contracts. Kingsbury and Keim had been extended through the 2027 season.

History suggests Murray could be extended sometime in the spring or early autumn like those for Carson Wentz (June), Patrick Mahomes (July), Josh Allen (August), Deshaun Watson(September) Jared Goff (September). In the meantime, we will try to answer any looming questions.

What do the Cardinals and Kyler Murray think about a contract extension?

They are currently in negotiations. In February, Murray's agent sent a proposal to the Cardinals for a contract. However, no deal has been reached. Keim stated that there has been “always been ongoing dialogue” at the NFL combine. Murray's rookie contract will pay him $965,000 as a base salary, but he is due a $4.5 million roster bonus on the fifth day.

Murray getting an extension: What's the buzz?

Agents, reporters, and coaches at the combine all had the same reaction: confusion over Burkhardt's statement. Many people didn't believe Murray would be granted an extension so quickly. Murray's camp was also criticized for seeking an extension before Baltimore quarterback. Lamar JacksonJackson's deal might have set a higher standard for Murray's contract.

What would a contract look?

The Bills don't know the details of the deal Murray and his agent requested. Josh AllenCowboys' Dak PrescottThey are likely to be the best examples. Allen’s six-year extension signed last August was worth an average of $43 million with a total guarantee of $150 million and $100 million fully guaranteed. Prescott was awarded a four-year extension of $40 million per year in March 2021. This included a $126 million guarantee and $95 millions fully guaranteed. Murray's asking price will likely be around these numbers.

This year's quarterback franchise tag is expected to be $29.5million.

What factors will determine when Murray might be granted an extension?

Keim spoke about the process of extending an extension, not just to Murray, during the NFL combine. He said that there are two main factors to look at when evaluating the roster composition and the structure for the extension.

Keim said, “It is about how you organize contracts.” You have to always look ahead. Like I can't look at this offseason alone, I need to look three years ahead and try to predict where certain contracts will go, how we're moving money forward. Because it's bound to catch up with you eventually. You have to pay the price. We all know this. This is not something that you like to do, especially when we're talking about the possibility of incurring dead income and all the various other costs that go along with that.

According to ESPN's Roster Management System (ESPN), Murray's 2022 cap figure is $11.3million. The Cardinals have $2.4 million in 2022 cap space. If Murray's cap number is kept the same or near it, Keim, his analytics team, and Matt Harriss (the Cardinals' cap guy), will need to figure out how to get Murray the number he wants while keeping the contract as friendly as possible.

What are the key dates?

May 2 is the most important. This is the deadline for teams and individuals to acquire fifth-year options for their 2019 first-round picks. Murray was chosen first. Keim indicated at the combine that Murray's option will be his. Murray will be tied to the Cardinals through the 2023 season if he doesn't get an extension. The option year will be null if Murray is granted an extension.

April 18 is another important date to remember, but not as important. April 18 is the first day that teams with returning coaches are allowed to report for offseason training. This means Murray could begin a holdout. Non-compliance with the offseason program does not mean you will be a failure to show up.

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