Recent NFTs in the world of sports — Top Shot by Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky teams with eBay, and Mars Blackmon returns

We have a couple of NBA legends getting into NFTs. The NFL plans to launch an NFT-based videogame next year. WNBA NFT demands are rising.

Let's get started.

The first Magic Johnson NFT set

NBA Top Shot has announced that they will release limited-edition NFTs honoring the best moments of Magic Johnson's life as part of their ongoing “Anthology” series. The first NFTs with Johnson are collectible and officially licensed by NBA.

According to Top Shot the first drop will be available June 7. The collection is a celebration of Johnson's most memorable and historic moments in his 13 seasons as the Head of the Company. Los Angeles Lakers.

Five moments will be released in the collection

  • Baby hook at the 1987 NBA Finals

  • Byron Scott is available for an around-the-back pass

  • Magic began at the center of the 1980 NBA Finals. This was a special moment

  • Scott is a fancy pass

  • Winner of regulation game vs. Boston Celtics

Top Shot reveals that the set will mark the beginning of many NBA legends.

NFL launches a NFT-based videogame

The NFL Players Association and the NFL Players Association announced a new partnership On May 25, Mythical Games, a gaming technology company, will launch a NFT-based videogame called NFL Rivals.

Although the game won't be released until 2023 it will allow fans to purchase 32 limited-edition collections of 3D NFL-themed NFTs. The game allows fans to be the general manager of a fantasy team and create rosters with NFTs for their favorite players using a play-and own system.

Major League Baseball made the announcement. announced a partnership with SoRare A similar NFT-style game was offered to fans on May 12, with the opportunity for interaction.

eBay launches Wayne Gretzky's NFT collection

eBay is best known for its e-commerce platform that connects billions of buyers and sellers all over the globe. Today, eBay announced the launch of a number of exclusive NFTs in a strategic partnership. OneOf is a leading green NFT platform for music, sports, and lifestyle communities.

eBay's first ever “Genesis”, NFT Collection will feature animated and 3D renditions of iconic athletes from Sports Illustrated covers. The first is Wayne Gretzky, hockey legend.

Gretzky released that “Forty-years ago, I was grateful for being on the cover Sports Illustrated. It was a monumental moment of my life,” Gretzky stated in a release. “I'm proud to share this unique experience with my hockey fans who have been following me for decades.”

The limited-edition collection includes 13 digital collectibles. These include NFTs for the diamond tier, green, platinum, and gold tiers. Each edition can have up to 299 copies in the green. Only 15 editions are available in the diamond Tier.

WNBA NFT Demand is Up

The demand for WNBA Top Shot products has increased by a whopping 80% every week since March 1st in terms of sales and transactions.

Top teams based on transactions

  1. Las Vegas Aces (84,979)

  2. Dallas Wings (64,855)

  3. Atlanta Dream (63,990)

  4. Los Angeles Sparks (62,852)

  5. Washington Mystics (57,595)

Transactions with top players

  1. A'ja Wilson (36,989)

  2. Marina Mabrey (19,229)

  3. Sydney Wiese (18,240)

  4. Crystal Bradford (17,630)

  5. Brittney Sykes (16,453)

Top Shot says that having the WNBA on Top Shot has raised awareness about the league. A survey was conducted on Top Shot Discord and found that 58% of collectors felt more interested in following Top Shot's WNBA. 62.2% said they had learned more about the WNBA after Top Shot added it to their collection.

Spike Lee's ‘She's Gotta have It' NFT collection features Mars Blackmon.

The first NFT collection of the legendary filmmaker through the content incubator, Visible ProjectThe film will feature 3,945 original frames hand-picked from his debut film, “She's Gotta Have It.”

Lee's character Mars Blackmon, played by Lee, was shown in the film. Later, he appeared alongside Nike's Air Jordan commercials. Chicago Bulls Legendary Michael Jordan's signature phrase, “It’s gotta be your shoes,” was created.

“It was my children who got to me hip to NFTs,” Lee told Boardroom. It was fascinating to me when my son Jackson and my daughter Satchel began to tell me. It didn't take long for me to start thinking about it. [the fact] I am the owner of the rights for my first film, “She's Gotta Have It.”

Lee's collection does not yet have a release date nor set prices.

Atlanta Hawks Dominique Wilkins, the legend, will be joining NFT Genius’s Ballerz for an exclusive NFT auction. Proceeds will go to KultureCity a nonprofit that focuses on sensory accessibility for people with invisible disabilities and acceptance.

Per BoardroomWilkins’ NFT will be auctioned. It includes Wilkins memorabilia signed, Wilkins experiences in person, premium tickets to Hawks games in Wilkins’ seats, and much more.

Wilkins stated that this was a wonderful opportunity for us all to understand the importance of people with special needs and their lives. “This only continues to shed light. The most important thing is to give people opportunities to improve their lives.

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