Reds’ Tommy Pham, who was suspended for fantasy football disputes, has returned to the team. However, he believes that Mike Trout could have solved the problem.

Tommy Pham Not quite ready to make the return to the Cincinnati Reds Even though his three-game suspension was over, he was still expected to be in the lineup Tuesday night.

The veteran outfielder felt tightness in the calf during practice prior to the team's series opener against Canada. Boston Red Sox. What about the rest?

He said to reporters, “Hand is good.”

Pham was referring to the reason he was suspended. Pham was referring to a fantasy football dispute. Joc Pederson He was so mad that he slapped the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball issued a warning to the outfielder who was playing Friday before their teams. It deemed this “inappropriate behavior” and sent him to jail.

Pederson claimed he was accused by cheating because of the way he managed the fantasy league's injured reserve slot. Pham said that the dispute stemmed out of an old text sent to the league's chat by Pederson in which he disregarded his fellow players. San Diego PadresFor whom he played the last season.

Pham stated Tuesday that he is over everything.

Pham stated to reporters that “that's something you really just have behind you,” according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. “Everyone knows everyone in the group chat. Some of these guys have reached out to me. They are already aware of what's happening.”

Pham also disputed Pederson's claim that the IR move had been legal.

He said, “We had rules to IR.” “I'm familiar with the ESPN App rules. Each of us had our own rules.

Pham stated that only one person could have prevented it from happening — their commissioner of fantasy leagues. Los Angeles Angels Star Mike Trout.

Pham laughed and said that Trout did a horrible job, according to the Enquirer. “Trout is a terrible commissioner in fantasy sports, because he allowed too many. [stuff] He could have solved the problem by just continuing to do so. I don't want the [expletive] commissioner [stuff] to do. [Trout] He didn't want it. We made it all on him.

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