Vin Scully, a long-time Dodgers announcer, wins the Baseball Digest Lifetime Achievement Award

NEW YORK — Vin Scully won the second Lifetime Achievement Award from Baseball Digest.

On Tuesday, the long-serving Dodgers announcer was recognized with an annual distinction. This honor recognizes a living person “who has made significant contributions towards the national game.”

After the 2016 season, Scully, now 94 years old, retired. It was the end of 67-years-long broadcasting careers that started in Brooklyn when the Dodgers were playing before they moved to Los Angeles in 1958. This was the longest tenure for any announcer working with just one team.

He was among six finalists when Willie Mays received the inaugural award. The 17-member panel voted from a pool of candidates, which included Bobby Cox (Sandy Koufax), Rachel Robinson, Bud Selig, Joe Torre and Joe Torre.

In a news release, Scully stated that any award won by Willie Mays is an honor. He was a great player and someone I respected greatly. It's an honor to have my name linked with him in any way. I was thrilled, surprised and honored to be awarded the second Lifetime Achievement Award by Baseball Digest. It was a great honor and a huge honor.

Scully was awarded the National Baseball Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award in broadcasting excellence in 1982, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom for 2016.

David Fagley, Baseball Digest publisher, stated that Vin Scully was more than just the voice of the Dodgers. He was also the soundtrack to our national game for seven incredible decades. We are proud to honor his legendary career as both a broadcaster as well as as an ambassador for the sport that he loved so much.

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