Richard Sherman joins Amazon’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ lineup. However, there is still an opportunity for the NFL to return.

NEW YORK — Richard Sherman Amazon Prime Video hired her as an analyst in their first season of being the exclusive network for Thursday Night Football.

Sherman is a three-time Associated Press All-Pro selection and will be part Prime Video’s pregame, mid-game and postgame coverage. Sherman was an NFL veteran for 11 years and was part of the NFL's leadership team. Seattle Seahawks To a Super Bowl championship during the 2013 season.

Sherman lived seven seasons in Seattle, before moving to San Francisco He was with three. He was with Tampa Bay Last season, I was unable to play in five games due to calf and hamstring injuries.

Speaking to NFL Network on TuesdayVeteran cornerback, however, didn't rule it out, saying that he would still like to continue his playing career and “still leaving that door open so long as possible.”

Sherman said that while I will train and stay in shape, it is important to take advantage of the opportunities. Sherman also spoke out for the NFL Network. “But, I'm going leave that door open. If someone wants to call me in December and need help, I'm happy.”

Sherman will join Tony Gonzalez, Hall of Fame tightener, on-set while Al Michaels & Kirk Herbstreit have been named as the broadcasting team. Prime Video will announce more details in the coming months. It will be carrying a preseason game for San Francisco. Houston On Aug. 25, before the first Thursday Night game on September 15, Kansas City Hosts Los Angeles Chargers.

Jared Stacy of Global Live Sports Production, Prime Video stated that Richard would be welcome on our field. Richard is the best person to provide insight into modern NFL. Fans will enjoy seeing Richard's big personality and brilliant mind displayed on the field.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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