Robert Williams III of the Boston Celtics (knee), has been ruled out for Game 6 against Milwaukee Bucks

MILWAUKEE Boston CelticsForward Robert Williams IIIFor Game 6 against the Philadelphia Eagles, he has been ruled out Milwaukee BucksThe team was unable to communicate due to left knee pain.

Ime Udoka, Boston coach, said that the soreness does not stem from the surgery he had last month to fix the meniscus in his knee. Scans showed a tiny bone bruise.

He had his knee checked and structurally everything is in order. After Friday’s shootaround, Udoka stated. “Looks fine. He was still experiencing some pain and swelling, but the swelling had subsided. It was revealed that he still has a small fracture to his bone from the collision he suffered in Game 3. He’s structurally fine, it’s just that he has soreness and swelling.

For the last two games of the best-of-7 series against Milwaukee, the Celtics have been without Williams. They split those contests. They trail the Bucks by 3-2 going into Game 6.

When Bucks forward was asked about the issue, Williams replied that it occurred when Williams collided. Giannis AntetokounmpoIn Game 3, Udoka answered “Yes” but quickly added “Giannis ran into it.” He then smiled wryly underneath his mask, before answering the next question.

Udoka stated that Williams’ absences were caused by the current injury.

Udoka explained that the surgery is not a problem. It was just that particular hit that he took.”

Williams, who had knee surgery, returned to the first-round series against The Brooklyn NetsIn Games 3 and 4, he was on the bench during both matchups. He was back in the starting line-up against the Bucks.

Grant WilliamsRobert Williams was replaced by Grant Williams in both games, but the team has had some success with smaller teams. Grant Williams has been on the field for 56 minutes in both of the previous games, while guard Derrick WhiteOver that time, he played 66 minutes.

White stated that he spoke to Robert Williams. He said that he was feeling good, but knew that he just needed to wait for the green light to join his team on the court.

White declared, “Rob is special.” We’ve been saying it all year. He does what no one else does in the league. It’s always great to see him out there. He always does a great job for us when he’s out there.”

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