Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, says that the NFL is ‘lacking’ in hiring minority head coaches

INGLEWOOD (Calif.) — Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, says he is frustrated by the league's inability to address diversity concerns regarding its hiring of coaches and executives despite all efforts to improve.

Goodell said in his annual Super Bowl News conference that the league was “lacking” in its efforts to increase the number minority head coaches. This offseason, the league still has five minority coaches. Two of them were fired while two others were hired.

He stated that the league would bring in experts to examine the Rooney Rule, as well as other policies, to determine what the league can do for minority hiring.

Goodell said that the NFL cannot yet draw conclusions about whether or not the interview process was flawed in its attempt to increase minority coaches.

Goodell believes that the NFL should not draw conclusions without first looking at the process. He said he didn't believe they could take anything from the table. However, he said that the league should be able to identify any flaws in the process and fix them.

He noted that the NFL had created a database which provided information to owners on a wide range of candidates. He claims that the NFL has reviewed the process. He claims he's not trying to take anything off the tables and believes that outside experts could be very useful for the league.

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