Roger Goodell claims he does not have the authority to remove Daniel Snyder from Washington Commanders.

Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner says he does not have the “authority” or authority to remove Daniel Snyder as owner. Washington Commanders Despite ongoing scrutiny of the workplace culture of the organization and allegations of widespread sexual harassment by female team executives,

Goodell gave evidence Wednesday before Congressmen at a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing. Goodell was briefly questioned by Rep. RashidaTlaib (D–Michigan) at one point in the middle of more than two hours of testimony. She asked if Goodell and his league are willing to do more to punish Snyder.

Tlaib asked Snyder initially if he would recommend Snyder's demise as Commanders owner. Tlaib then followed up and asked Goodell: “Will ye remove him?”

Goodell replied, “I don’t have the authority remove him, Congresswoman.”

A three-quarters vote (24 of 32) of NFL owners can remove an NFL owner, but Goodell has the power to recommend a vote.

Snyder was invited to testify, but he declined due to overseas business commitments and concerns regarding due process. Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democratic member of the Committee, announced that she will issue a subpoena in order to force Snyder to testify.

Maloney stated that the NFL was unable or unwilling to hold Snyder responsible. “That is why, I am announcing now that my intent to issue an order for Mr. Snyder to take a deposition next Wednesday. In its investigation of the Washington Commanders, the committee will not be stopped.”

Goodell explained to the committee how the team's culture was transformed by an investigation conducted by Beth Wilkinson. Snyder was also told that he “has been held responsible.”

Snyder was expelled from NFL's day to day operations following Wilkinson's findings to Goodell. Goodell explained that the league did not provide a written copy of Wilkinson's findings. This decision was made to protect the privacy rights of any former employees who spoke with investigators.

This report used information from The Associated Press.

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