Roger Goodell scheduled May 25 hearing about Jon Gruden’s suit against the NFL

LAS VEGAS – A hearing on whether former Las Vegas RaidersAccording to court records, Jon Gruden's suit against the NFL and Roger Goodell will be decided through arbitration. Or it could go to trial.

Hearings in front of Judge Nancy Allf are expected to include oral arguments from both sides.

Gruden filed suit against the Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County, Nevada, on Nov. 12. He had resigned from his position as coach in the wake a scandal involving racist, anti-gay, and misogynistic emails.

“The defendants selectively leaked Gruden’s private correspondence to Wall Street Journal and New York Times to harm Gruden’s reputation and force him from his job,” Adam HosmerHenner, an attorney for McDonald's Carano, stated in a statement. “There is no explanation of why Gruden’s emails were not made public among the 650,000 emails collected during the NFL's investigation into Washington Football Team. It also explains why the emails were kept for months before being released in middle of Raiders' season.

According to, Gruden filed a motion to dismiss and to compel arbitration on Jan. 19. Gruden is suing for “the recovery of money exceeding $15,000.00” in each of seven causes of action.

According to the NFL claimed that its motion to dismiss was a “baseless attempt by Jon Gruden” to blame the NFL's Commissioner and the NFL for any fallout from Gruden's publication of homophobic, racist and misogynistic emails widely circulated. [and]should be dismissed for failing to state one viable cause of actions,” Gruden added. Gruden doesn't dispute what was written in emails, and “to the extent Jon Gruden suffered any damages, he has nothing to blame other than himself.” [thus]The entire complaint should be dismissed.”

The NFL also moved for arbitration. It stated that “under Gruden's employment contract and NFL's Constitution and Bylaws, to which Gruden is subject,” arbitration was the appropriate forum to resolve the dispute.

The NFL also filed a motion to order seal.

ESPN NFL Insider Dan Graziano contributed this report.

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