Ron Rivera states that Washington Commanders will not trade WR Terry McLaurin.

ASHBURN, Va. — Washington Commanders Ron Rivera, coach, expressed optimism about a possible deal with a holdout receiver Terry McLaurinThey also stated that they won't trade their top wideout because there hasn't been a signed contract yet.

McLaurin did not attend Washington's mandatory minicamp the first day. He missed the mandatory minicamp but attended the workouts earlier in spring. However, he skipped the voluntary OTA session the last three weeks. McLaurin's rookie deal expires at the end of the season. He is looking for a contract in line with the deals that other top receivers received this offseason.

Rivera stated that they have been in contact with McLaurin's representatives over the past week and that it “hopefully” will be resolved within a short time. How long? I'm not sure. It is never contentious, I can assure you. We feel pretty good, and we are confident that this will happen at some point.

Rivera stated that Terry was not being traded. He believes in Terry and the value he brings to the table.

After trading for A.J. Brown The draft was completed on the first night in 2022. Philadelphia Eagles He was granted a four-year extension at $25 million per season. The Tennessee Titans McLaurin was drafted one round earlier than Brown in the 2019 draft. McLaurin has a base salary of $2.79 million for this season.

The 2019 draft also included wide receivers such as DK Metcalf Deebo SamuelThey, too, are looking to extend their contracts but had different approaches when it came to the minicamps they held last week. Metcalf missed the event. Seattle SeahawksSamuel requested a trade earlier in this offseason and attended the mandatory minicamp. San Francisco 49ers‘ minicamp.

Washington hoped McLaurin would be there in his role of team leader. McLaurin is also wanted by the Commanders to build a relationship with the new quarterback Carson WentzHe has not yet had contact with this person on the field.

Washington will host a third minicamp on Thursday. A player who fails to attend all three minicamp days could face a fine of up to $93,085.

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