Ron Rivera, Washington coach, says Jack Del Rio’s apology to Commanders was well-received

ASHBURN, Va. — Washington Commanders Jack Del Rio, defensive coordinator, apologized Tuesday to the team for his controversial remarks last week in which he called the U.S. Capitol events of Jan. 6, 2021, a “dustup” and referred to them as “dustups.”

Ron Rivera, Washington coach, stated that Del Rio's apologies were “well-received” by his players and said that his coordinator had met several times to discuss his comments.

Rivera said that Jack spoke to his team during the team meeting. “He was very open and congenial and made a lot of apologies and was open to answering questions.” Rivera stated, “He said, “Guys. If you have any questions, please come to me and let us talk about that.” It was wonderful. It was good.

Rivera stated that he fined Del Rio $100,000 last week His comments had been a distraction for the entire team. Del Rio deleted his Twitter account Saturday, Rivera stated that he didn't ask Rivera to do.

Rivera stated, “This isn't about the fact that he exercised his freedom of speech.” Rivera said, “This is about how this football team was affected. The First Amendment is something I strongly believe in.

It's a serious topic and question, but it had an impact on us. This is why I did what it took to do it.

Del Rio used the term “dustup” to defend a tweet he had posted two days prior. Del Rio wrote in a response to Norm Eisen from the Brookings Institute that he had promoted a report before the Jan. 6 hearings. “Would like to understand ‘the entire story' why the summer riots, looting and burning of personal property is never discussed, but this is ???”

Del Rio's tweets, and subsequent explanation, did not help a franchise which has been featured in the media for years on non-football matters. In the midst of a congressional investigation into Dan Snyder, the organization spent the offseason rebuilding its brand. He was invited by Congress to testify in a hearing that took place on June 22.

The NFL is continuing to investigate the sexual misconduct allegations against Snyder, while the Washington and Virginia attorney generals are investigating financial improprieties.

Rivera stated that he went back to the First Amendment and found a copy on his desk. Rivera said he compared it to the First Amendment while he was in Carolina. Eric Reid Protesting police brutality, he knelt during the national anthem.

Rivera stated, “Eric and me talked about this because he asked me to help me understand.” “He did. He taught me. Jack's case was similar. However, we must understand that with rights and liberties comes immense responsibility.

Rivera claimed that he spoke with Del Rio Friday and that he informed him that he would be fined. They met again Tuesday morning. Rivera stated that Del Rio was not informed of the possibility of a third strike.

Rivera explained that this was not communicated other than Jack and mine had a conversation. Rivera agreed.

Del Rio also apologized Wednesday in a statement, saying: “Referencing this situation as a dust up was irresponsible. I am sorry. I stand by my condemnation of violence in communities throughout the country. While I do so, I also support peaceful protest in America as an American citizen.

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