Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans QB, said that he needed therapy after a playoff loss and that he doesn’t have the job to mentor rookie Malik Willis.

NASHVILLE (Tenn.) — The Tennessee TitansThey know how much opportunity they missed in their 19-16 loss at the The Cincinnati BengalsIn the Divisional round of the playoffs. Three interceptions were thrown in that game. Ryan TannehillIt may be the feeling you felt most strongly.

Tannehill stated that the loss was a deep wound. “Everytime I closed my eyes, I kinda re-watched it. I didn’t get much sleep for several weeks. It was dark and I had to work hard to get out.

“I have worked through it. Therapy, talking with people, and time helped. It was a lot of work to get over it.

Tannehill stated that he attended a lot of sessions, and now can look back at the game and take lessons from it while moving forward. Tannehill had been seeing a therapist for some time. But the playoff loss brought on a new level.

“This is the first and only time I have absolutely needed it.” [therapy]Tannehill stated, “To pull me out from a dark place.”

Tannehill stated that the loss was a scare that he will carry with him throughout his life. He believes it's something he can use to fuel his drive to prepare for 2022 season.

Tannehill has been able to shift his focus away from the disappointing 2021 season by being back at the Titans facility with his team. He will soon work with a new quarterback.

However, the Titans rookies have not yet reported, but quarterback Malik Willis2022 Third-round pick, Will be among the first-year players.

Tannehill stated that Willis' selection with the No. 1 pick was not notified to him by the Titans. Tannehill claimed that Willis was the 86th overall pick. However, he stated that he did text Willis shortly after the Titans made their selection. The veteran quarterback stated that he has a good understanding of the league and is open to the challenge.

I don't believe it is my responsibility to mentor him. It's great if he learns something from me.

Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans QB, said that he needed therapy after a playoff loss and that he doesn't have the job to mentor rookie Malik Willis.

Ryan Tannehill discusses the Titans draft Malik Willis

Tannehill stated that he doesn't consider it his job to mentor him. “But, if he learns something from me along his way that's great.”

Tuesday was also Tannehill’s first opportunity to react publicly to the Titans draft-night trade, which sent his No. 1, wide receiver A.J. BrownTo the Philadelphia Eagles. The Titans used the first round pick they got in the trade for a rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks.

“I was shocked. “I was shocked when I found out about the Brown trade. “And then I spoke to A.J. It was real, A.J. It was horrible. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking it was a bad dream. However, we are here.

Tannehill didn't attend the voluntary part of offseason activities as he was finishing a renovation in Florida. He wanted to spend some extra time with his loved ones. Several Titans receivers went to South Florida to train with Tannehill in the offseason.

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