San Francisco 49ers are home to Deebo Sam trade market interest. But nothing remotely close to what they need

SANTA CLARA CA — Two nights into the 2022 NFL Draft, wide receivers were revealed Deebo SamuelThis is still a member San Francisco 49ers. If the Niners are successful, this will be the case long into the future.

Samuel spoke to ESPN's Jeff Darlington after he revealed his story. trade request public last weekThis week's draft was essentially a soft deadline to make a deal.

John Lynch, San Francisco general manager, stated Monday that he cannot imagine Samuel being traded despite the request. Although the Niners were interested in a deal on Thursday, Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan did not have enough imagination to make it a reality.

Shanahan said, “You will consider everything.” “You have a responsibility for your organization, but Deebo is not a player like you. It is difficult to see how it benefits your organization. It's hard to see how it will benefit your organization. We looked at every aspect of it and looked at what people were willing to do. Nothing was even close to fair for the Niners.

Multiple reports indicate that New York JetsThey were the team that made it the most difficult to acquire Samuel in a deal that would've included the No. The deal would have included the No. 10 overall pick, but also a pick swap. The Niners turned down those offers and the Jets used that selection on Ohio State wideout Garrett Wilson.

Shanahan spoke publicly about the situation Friday night. While he acknowledged being “really surprised” and “disappointed” by Samuel's request for trade, he also noted that these things are more common in situations involving contracts.

Shanahan, like Lynch, declined to discuss the reasons behind Samuel's request for trade. He said that there were “a lot of factors that go into it”.

Lynch and Shanahan are optimistic, but not sure that the team and its running back/star receiver Samuel can come to an agreement. Samuel was still on the roster.

Shanahan stated that there are certain things everyone wants and tries to achieve. Once you have a clear idea of what you can do, you can then work from there. “You can solve any problem. We'll see. Hopefully, when all is said and done, the Niners will get the best and best for Deebo. We hope that it's the same for Deebo because we would love to continue the way we are. We know this is possible.

These past two nights have seen a few developments that may help Samuel make amends. Thursday night saw the Tennessee TitansReceiver traded A.J. BrownThe Philadelphia EaglesBrown was quickly signed by the Eagles to a reported four-year extension of $100 million, which includes $57,000,000 in guarantees.

Tory Dandy is Brown's agent. She also represents Samuel. This contract could be used as a benchmark for Samuel and the Niners.

Lynch said that “all these situations are unique.” Lynch said, “You are obviously aware of the league's happenings but we were focused only on our situation. We tried to do the right thing. We believe we succeeded and believe that there is a way out. We are encouraged by that.

The Niners didn't pick Thursday's picks, but did make three on Friday. They added Tyrion Price Davis (LSU running back) and Danny Gray (SMU receiver) in the third round. These choices were made to meet needs, but they could also be seen by Samuel as a way to lighten his load. Samuel accounted for 28% (fourth most) of the Niners' yards scrimmage in 2021.

Shanahan stated, “I believe they can (help with that),” Shanahan. “But we felt we needed another running back. We felt that we wanted to add a speed receiver. Although there are many ways that the draft could have ended, right there in the third round we felt it was the best thing for our team.

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