Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers advises Trey Lance that he should stay positive during his season-ending injury

Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers advises Trey Lance that he should stay positive during his season-ending injury

SANTA CLARA CA — Now that he is back in the role San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo This week, he has plenty to do. He reached out to his replacement, the injured quarterback, before he could dive in. Trey Lance.

For the first time since Lance's victory against the Red Devils last week, Lance spoke to media on Thursday Seattle SeahawksGaroppolo stated that he spoke with Lance several times this week, and also had a conversation via Zoom with Lance when Lance called in to participate in meetings.

Garoppolo's advice? Stay positive.

Garoppolo stated that he heard end Nick Bosa's presser and it was very well written. “There is a time in your life when you feel lost and like you will never be able to get back to where you were,” Garoppolo said. But that happens and it will pass. You have to get to a point where it does not and then you can mentally move on. He will face many obstacles, but Trey has been with me for several years. He's a strong dude so he'll be fine.”

Lance went to Stanford hospital Monday morning for surgery to repair his fractured right fibula. He also suffered ligament damage from his ankle. The 49ers are optimistic that Lance will be able to return in time for the 2023 NFL season.

Shanahan stated, “He's doing so well as you can.” “Trey's been fantastic. He's been talking to a lot of guys and is hoping to be there this week. While I doubt he'll ever be able, until the swelling has subsided, I believe he will. But he'll still be part of us sooner or later.

Garoppolo admitted that Sunday was like riding a bike, but he also didn't have time to reflect on the strange, long journey that brought Garoppolo back to the job he held for five years.

Garoppolo answered Thursday's question about whether the trip was surreal.

Garoppolo stated, “Just for the way things turned out, it's pretty insane.” “But I don’t know. Everything happens for a reason. I believe in that, and it's just another chance.”

Garoppolo stated that he is “trying” to keep in the moment and get reacclimated into running San Francisco's offensive. Garoppolo stated that last week's game was similar to 2017 when he was traded to the Niners. He didn't know how the offense worked.

Garoppolo was a new player at the time, and he had to take over a team that had only one win. He's now had his first practice with the starting offense since January's NFC Championship Game.

It has been eight months since that time and Garoppolo still feels the same after right shoulder surgery and subsequent rehab. A sense of normalcy is returning, in circumstances no one wanted.

Garoppolo stated, “A long vacation, no OTAs or training camps, it was a completely different year, and I've been in some strange situations here obviously.” It has its good and its bad points. The shoulder is good, and it's my No. 1), so once I was feeling physically better, all the other things just kind of fell into line.”

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