Sean Payton said he’d be open to returning as NFL coach in 2023 if the ‘right circumstances’ were right.

After leaving his position as coach at the club, Sean Payton now works for Fox Sports. New Orleans Saints In January, he said that he was interested in being a head coach for the NFL in 2023 to “the right situation.”

Payton said, “If the situation presented itself, I would absolutely be interested.” said on the NewOrleans.Football podcastThe following was posted Wednesday. “There's no utopia when it comes teams, but I would be interested in it if it was the right situation. This is all to say, that this could be in a year. That could take in two years.

Payton was asked what he would look for in a coaching job. He said that he is looking for the right front office and ownership.

Functional ownership is the most important aspect. [and] front office… because they're a few teams who aren't. Those teams, regardless how it happens, can win Sunday but have trouble long term.” he said. “The ability to win consistently and the desire to build the right culture, all of those things are important.”

After the 2022 season, Payton's Saints contract will have two more seasons. This means that Payton would still be eligible for the Saints' 2023 coaching job.

The Miami Dolphins were penalized by the NFL In August, the NFL found that Payton had “impermissible communication” with Don Yee in January regarding Payton's appointment as head coach. The NFL determined that the Dolphins did not request consent from the Saints to start the talks. This occurred before Yee resigned from his position with New Orleans. Mike McDaniel was hired as the Dolphins' head coach.

Payton, 58, left his job with the Saints After 16 seasons, he decided to leave the team in January. He said that he was not ruled out of a future return as a coach, but that his main focus was to find a job as an NFL analyst on television.

Fox Sports eventually offered him that job, and he admitted that he enjoys his work with Fox Sports. However, he admits he misses coaching. He mentioned that he was disappointed in the Saints' second-week game against. Tampa Bay Buccaneers This was his first season that he wished he could be back at the sidelines.

“This weekend's Tampa match was the first time that I experienced FOMO. [fear of missing out]. He stated that he was jealous of everyone there, even random Bruce Arians who were watching from the sidelines.”

Arians was at the sidelines of the Sunday game after he stepped down from his position as Buccaneers' head coaching coach to become a senior assistant general manager Jason Licht. drew a warning from the NFL For his conduct.

Payton claimed that working in television allowed him to recharge his batteries. This was similar to 2012, when Payton was suspended from the NFL due to the bounty investigation.

Payton stated, “Hopefully, it's doing the same thing,”

Payton's record with Saints was 152–89 (.631 winning percent) minus his season-long suspension. He went 9-8 in postseason play and led the Saints' to a championship win with a victory of 31-17 over the Philadelphia Eagles. Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.

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