Sonny Gray of the Minnesota Twins and Zack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals both have injuries that require them to be out of action.

MINNEAPOLIS — TwinsSonny Gray And RoyalsZack Greinke Their injuries left them unable to play Sunday's match, leaving their teams wondering how much time they will lose.

Gray cruised and was backed Gio UrshelaThe three-run homer by's hitter was his last before he left in the seventh. This was due to right pectoral soreness following Sunday's 7-3 win for the Twins over the Royals.

Rocco baldelli, Twins manager said Gray felt “minor pex tightness” during a couple pitches. Gray was undergoing an MRI right after the game, so he didn't speak to reporters.

Baldelli indicated that the team will be able to learn more about the situation in the coming days. Gray will accompany the team to Detroit.

Baldelli said that it was not something that he was pitching through. “At that point he must come out. There's no other way.

Greinke (0-4), gave up five runs and six hits in just four innings.

Mike Matheny, Kansas City manager, said that “when he came out we didn't realize he had an issue in his forearm.” “So, that's probably something that's likely been with him since the beginning that we weren’t aware of.” The elbow, flexor, and wrist area weren't feeling great.

Greinke is a 5.05 ERA pitcher who has allowed at most five earned runs in each of his last four outings, having given up no more than three in the first six.

Gray (3-1) had two hits, and then retired 14 consecutively before Andrew Benintendi's seventh. It was a 3-1 count Bobby Witt Jr. Baldelli and an athlete trainer arrived at the pitch to review Gray's attempt to stretch a muscle around his shoulder.

Baldelli stated, “Just over the White the entire game, kinda took the action to them. Missed some bats. Everything you want to see.” It was another great start for him. It's fun. He is a bulldog. He is a natural at chasing them. He was quite nice, until we had the need to take him out.

Gray was replaced with Griffin JaxWitt was struck out by Witt and permitted MJ MelendezRBI doubles in's.

Gray didn't strike out one batter while walking none. Gray's ERA was 2.41 for his first season as a Minnesotan. He allowed five runs in five May starts covering 27⅓ innings after recovering from a hamstring strain during his second start.

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