Source — Washington Commanders expect to release safety Landon Collins under a salary cap move

The Washington CommandersAre expected to release veteran safety Landon CollinsESPN sources said that while they created more salary cap space, it cost them a valuable defensive player.

Collins, who was due to make $16.2 million this season, still had three years remaining on his contract. Washington will be able to save $6.6 million, but still have $9.6 millions in unearned money. A source said that Washington tried to reach a compromise to lower his cap.

NFL Network reported first that Collins was expected to be released.

Washington modified Collins' role in the last season by using him in a mix of safety and linebacker. This change was accompanied by improved defense play by the Commanders.

Collins was the starting safe safety for six of the six games. Washington's defense ranked 32nd on the scoring list and 31st overall in yards. The defense of Washington ranked fourth in yards and ninth in points in the six following Collins's transition to the hybrid role.

Ron Rivera, Commanders coach, said Collins was a dynamic player for that role. Collins said that while he accepts that role, he prefers to be a safety net full time.

He was injured in both of his previous two seasons with Washington. In Week 7, 2020, he ruptured his Achilles and missed four games due to injuries. Because of a foot injury, he was placed on injured reserve the last three games.

Washington signed Collins in 2019 to a six-year contract for $84 million.

Collins spent his first four season with the club. New York GiantsHe was chosen by, who chose him in the second round. Collins was a first-team All Pro in 2016 and made three Pro Bowls with New York. Washington did not have a Pro Bowl for Collins.

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