Sources — New York Giants expect to make a run at QB Mitchell Trubicsky

EAST RUTHERFORD N.J. – As the quarterback carousel spins the occupants of East Rutherford, N.J., are able to see the New York GiantsExpect to have a shot at the free-agent quarterback Mitchell TrubiskySources have told ESPN that next week will see the opening of the free-agent negotiating windows.

Trubisky would sign it with the intent of pushing another Top 10 pick into Daniel JonesThe incumbent, who despite three difficult seasons still enjoys the support of the team’s top brass. It would seem that the idea is to allow the best quarterback to win through the spring and summer.

The Giants’ key selling point is Trubisky’s reuniting with Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen. Both Trubisky and Daboll were from Buffalo, where Trubisky spent the last season. Chicago Bears.

Daboll’s strong relationship with Trubisky and his presence are a major part of New York’s attraction to free agency.

Because of my connection with Coach Daboll in Buffalo I immediately think of Coach Daboll. Trubisky spoke on the Adam Schefter podcast to discuss the possibility of landing with Giants. “I don’t know exactly where I’m going, but what I do know is that he will do a fantastic job with that offense. He’s a great leader. He’s a great leader of men. That is why I think so many people in my building respect him. I am excited to see his future plans.

“And then, ofcourse, New York is what you think of when you think about the city. While I haven’t been to New York in a while, I think of New York City and the Giants. I have confidence that Coach Daboll will do an excellent job, and I’m eager to see the offense.

Trubisky, No. 2, is a tough pick. New York will receive the No. 2 overall pick in 2017. With the Giants tightening their salary cap, he may have other options.

Trubisky’s services could be in serious danger from other teams (that might offer him a better starting position) Trubisky’s services could be challenged by teams such as the Washington Commanders, New Orleans Saints Pittsburgh SteelersHe could have a greater chance of starting right away. Trubisky would likely be in these spots, and Day 1 would be the first quarterback in that pecking order. New York would not allow this to happen.

Trubisky (27 years old) would likely be on the same line or behind Jones. Giants ownership recently admittedThey have “done everything possible” to screw this kid up. They have been their fourth offensive coordinator in just four years.

Jones, 24 threw 10 touchdown passes as well as seven interceptions last year. He has 45 touchdown passes, 29 interceptions and a 62.8% completion rate in his three years of being a starter.

Trubisky’s career record includes 64 touchdowns and 38 interceptions. His completion percentage is 64.1%.

After last year’s disastrous season, the cap-strapped Giants want to have at least a solid contingency plan. Mike Glennonas the backup. Jones missed three of his first three professional seasons due to neck injuries. He also missed six of the final six games of the season last year. The Giants averaged 9.3 goals per game and lost six of the six contests with Glennon. Jake Fromm at quarterback.

New York would need to find creative ways to bring Trubisky to New York, considering their financial situation. Multiple league sources indicate that Trubisky will be offered a contract this offseason, with an incentive package of $10 million or more.

As they try to make moves before the opening of free agency next week, the Giants are still above the salary cap.

Trubisky is the right fit for what they are looking for when adding another quarterback. He is an experienced quarterback with mobility and some success. A league source said that Schoen and Daboll were searching for a mobile quarterback who would complement Jones’ athleticism.

Marcus Mariota, Case Keenum, Tyrod Taylor Jacoby BrissettHere are some other free-agent options to consider.

Both Jones, Trubisky and both were Top 10 picks. Jones was the sixth overall pick of the Giants in 2019, while Trubisky was the second overall selection by the Chicago Bears. However, neither of them excelled in difficult situations very early in their careers.

Trubisky was signed to a $2.5m, one-year contract with Buffalo last season. His year at the sideline. Josh AllenHis association with the Bills instantly made him more appealing this offseason.

Some in the league believe that Trubisky would excel if he had a change of scenery.

ESPN reported that an offensive coach said, “It’s worth taking a flyer on at the right cost for a QB competition.”

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