Sources say Darius Leonard, Indianapolis Colts, is working to extend a lucrative contract.

Linebacker Darius LeonardWhen he is with the, he will be expected to bring in more than $19million per year. Indianapolis ColtsSources told ESPN's Adam Schefter that they had reached an agreement extension.

Following the San Francisco 49ers« reported five-year, $95 million extensionAll-Pro linebacker Fred WarnerLeonard is the next likely candidate to sign an important contract. Schefter has been told by sources that Leonard, the Colts’ two-time Pro Bowler, will be signing a four year deal.

Leonard is expected to earn $3.4 million for the last season of his rookie 2021 contract.Congratulations my guy!!!

Leonard turns 26 this Tuesday. In 2020, he was the second All-Pro to be a first team All-Pro. Leonard had three sacks (three forced fumbles) and two fumble recoverys while helping the Colts get back into the playoffs following a one year absence. When he led all NFL defensive rookies in tackles, he won the Defensive Rookie Of The Year award.

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