Sources say Eric Bieniemy’s future is uncertain with the Kansas City Chiefs ahead of meeting Andy Reid.

ChiefsSources tell ESPN that Eric Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator, is about to lose his one-year contract. This has been the case for several seasons. His future in Kansas City remains uncertain.

According to league sources, Bieniemy is expected to meet Andy Reid, Chiefs head coach, to discuss their futures.

Mike Kafka, Chiefs quarterbacks coach, has already left Kansas City to join the NFL. GiantsBieniemy is now Kansas City's offensive coordinator. He makes him more crucial to the offense of Kansas City in 2022.

Bieniemy's return is not guaranteed. Bieniemy has thought about coaching in college or listening to other offers. Bieniemy was also contemplating taking a year off after a mentally and physically draining season, in which the Chiefs lost one game short of reaching the Super Bowl. Bieniemy was then bypassed by the most recent head-coaching hiring cycle.

Bieniemy and Reid are likely to meet again in the near future to decide if he will go back to Kansas City or if the Chiefs will need to overhaul their offensive coaching staff.

Bieniemy has been with Kansas City since 2013 and the last four years as the offensive coordinator. His tenure has coincided closely with his time as offensive coordinator. Patrick MahomesBieniemy's four-year tenure as Kansas City's starting quarterback and the Chiefs' offense have ranked no lower than sixth in the NFL every season since then.

Bieniemy (52), has been a candidate to multiple head-coaching roles in recent seasons. Bieniemy was interviewed earlier this season for the job. Broncos‘, TexansSaints‘ vacant positions.

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