Stanley Cup Final betting tips

The Stanley Cup Final will see the meeting of the preseason favorites for the first time since 2009. The Colorado Avalanche The season was entered with +550 favourites, Tampa Bay Lightning They won their third consecutive title at 7-1

The Avalanche is -175 favorite to win their first Cup since 2001. The Lightning are +155. This is tied for the longest odds that they have faced to win a series over the past five seasons. In the second round, they beat the Panthers as +155 Underdogs.

You can catch all the action live on ABC or ESPN+ throughout the series, with the puck dropping in Game 1. Wednesday night At 8 EDT

Stanley Cup Final betting tips

Colorado Avalanche

  • Stanley Cup favorites the Avalanche were all season. Since the lockout, no team was wire-to–wire favorite to win the title. They would join the 2020 Lightning as the second preseason favourite to win the title.

  • Over the two previous postseasons, Avalanche are 5-0 in game 1's and outscoring their rivals 29-12.

  • The Avalanche are 7-1 on the road in this postseason and have covered the puck line five times.

  • The Avalanche won both regular seasons meetings by one goal. They also won a shootout.



Enjoy the best moments from the Lightning and Avalanche's postseason ahead of Wednesday's Stanley Cup Final Game 1 matchup.

Stanley Cup Final betting tips

Tampa Bay Lightning

  • In Game 1, the Lightning are +140 underdogs Their longest odds of winning any game in five seasons is +145. This includes four wins, as well as two in this postseason.

  • Ten of the eleven Lightning playoff games in the past 11 years have fallen below the total.

  • Over the last five seasons, Andrei Vasilevskiy is 26-10-2 (+22.21 units) as an underdog, including 14-3 (+13.2 units) in the postseason. Overall, Vasilevskiy is 17-8 (+12.77 units) as an underdog in the postseason in his career. The Lightning are 5-2 in the postseason as an underdog (+4.2 units).

  • The Lightning have won 8 consecutive home playoff matches (8-1 overall this playoff season), and they've won 13 out of 14 home playoff games since last year.

  • The Lightning won the Stanley Cup Final 8-3 (+3.31 units) in the previous two seasons. They were the favorite in all of these games.

Stanley Cup History

  • Since 2005 lockout, home teams are currently 13-2 in Game 1, excluding the 2020 bubble. In the Stanley Cup Finals, overs have a record of 4-0-1 in Game 1. Each game is decided by multiple goals.

  • The Stanley Cup Final has been a best-of-7 series since 1939. Teams that win Game 1 have a series record of 62-20 (.756). The Cup was won by three of the four teams that lost the first game: St. Louis (2019), Tampa Bay (2025), and Washington (2018).

  • The home teams are now 35-10 in the Stanley Cup Final's first three games, except for the 2020 bubble. They were 24-21 in Games 4-7 (Game 6 and Game 7), respectively.

  • Favorites won eight of the 10 Stanley Cup Finals. However, they split the four previous seasons.

  • This postseason, home teams are 51-32 (+6.15 units). Road teams had been +23.63 in the non-bubble previous postseasons.

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