Steelers’ first touchdown vs Browns thanks to George Pickens’ catch with one hand

Steelers' first touchdown vs Browns thanks to George Pickens' catch with one hand

CLEVELAND Mitch Trubisky Tuesday, he said he knew he had got to get a rookie wide receiver George Pickens More involved in the Pittsburgh Steelers offense.

This was just what he did late in the first quarter. Pickens was streaking down the sideline in front. Cleveland Browns bench.

Pickens had only two 26-yard catches before Thursday's game. He retried the 36-yard catch with a single-handed grab and secured the ball against his back as he fell to the ground. He was well protected. Martin Emerson JrPickens made the contested catch. This was the Steelers longest pass play of the season at 36 yards.

The Steelers offense was able to score on a 5-yard touchdown thanks to the catch. Najee Harris A touchdown run was made a few plays later to tie the game at 7-7. This showed the same aggression and explosiveness that the unit displayed in its first two weeks.

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