Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors’ player, says that he will play in Game 4, despite an unspecified injury

BOSTON Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry He is expected to participate in Game 4 on Friday of the NBA Finals.

Curry was unable to play after suffering an injury in Game 3's fourth quarter. Boston Celtics Forward Al Horford Curry's leg was rolled as Curry didve for a loose ball.

Curry lay on the ground for several minutes, screaming in pain, before he got up and started walking with a limp. Curry was still walking gingerly an hour and a quarter after the game, when he entered the conference room.

Curry seemed to be walking well on Thursday. The Warriors did not practice Thursday and used the day to rest and recover. Only the very slow players saw any court time.

Curry stated that Curry had gotten about ten-and-a-half hours sleep and two dunks in an ice bucket. He was not sure what he had done over the past twelve hours. Take advantage of the opportunities today and tomorrow to prepare for the game. You must get as much healing and recovery as possible to fully understand the importance of Game 4. “I'm thrilled about this opportunity.”

Curry compares Curry's injury in Game 3 with a milder version of the foot sprain that he sustained against the Celtics in March. Marcus Smart He rolled on his left leg in a loose-ball situation, and he was out of the league for the last month.

Curry stated, “Because it was what I went through during the regular season, and coming back, and I know exactly what it's and what I have to deal with, and the soreness and pain level, and all that.” “So, once I was checked out last night I knew that I wouldn't need to go for any additional tests because I've already been through this.”

Curry only needed to take a few steps in March, just after Smart's play, to find out what was wrong with his right foot.

Curry stated, “As soon you started to take some steps, you kinda know whether you can cut normal, run normal, or both.”

Because of this, he could tell in a matter of steps that Wednesday that he was hurt. However, he could also determine if he could continue to play or if he should leave immediately. It has also given him confidence that he would be available Friday.

“It is well understood and I have all the necessary information. You can take comfort in knowing that I have been through it before. But, at this stage of the season, you'd rather not have to deal.

Curry's status in the Warriors is critical to their success, especially in Game 4 which could see the Warriors tie the series or fall behind 3-1.

This is what the Warriors know. Curry was able to tell that his injury wasn't serious and declared himself available.

He stated, “I'm going out to play,” with a firm handshake. “That's all that I know at the moment.”

A healthy Curry is not enough. The Warriors need to have a better showing forward. Draymond GreenHe described his Game 3 performance as “soft” and added that he played “like —.””.

Green stated, “I need to be more aggressive on both ends of the ball.” “… I believe we are better as a team when I am more aggressive offensively. I have always believed in giving the team what it requires to win.

Green finished the game with only two points, three assists, and four rebounds after 35 minutes. Fans chanted “F— you Draymond!” at him, which was the focus of much of the ire of the Boston crowd. Green stated on his podcast that the chants had impacted his family.

He said, “It's all about me finding that balance” and being Draymond green. I know how to be him more than anyone. I can do him better than anyone. You just need to be yourself.”

Klay Thompson Green said that he hopes Green will lead the way once again, as he did in Game 2 where he was flying around and making himself known from tip.

Thompson stated that Draymond was here to serve a purpose. Draymond is a key player in our team. He is one of my favorite players. He is one of my most intelligent players. We are all human. There are always bad nights.

“But one thing I do know is that we react like champions. Draymond will be out there playing his traditional brand of ball. It's physical, fast-paced, and full of trash. He has taken us to new heights and is a true Money Green.

This story was contributed by Ohm Youngmisuk, ESPN

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