Stephen Curry pokes the bear, and more Quotes for the Week

Stephen Curry overpromises, Joel EmbiidWishes for an old teammate, and more from our top quotes across the sports world this week.

“Whoop that trick!” This is our game plan.

Stephen Curry, quoting The Memphis Grizzlies playoff anthem, to Kendra Andrews. The Golden State WarriorsThe game would be lost by a score in the range of 134-95Curry and Draymond GreenGrizzlies seemed to be a favorite of theirs playing the songDuring the blowout.

“There was only one motherf—er: Michael [Jordan].'

Charles Barkley is the only member of 1992 Dream Team that he feels was better than him via “The Pivot Podcast.”

“I don't know why we let him go. I wish that I could have gone to war with him.

Joel Embiid Jimmy ButlerAfter the Philadelphia 76erslossTo the Miami HeatIn the Eastern Conference semifinals.

‘I still wish that I was on his side. While I do love the Miami Heat, and I'm glad I'm here to support them, Joel Embiid has my respect and love.

— Butler, thanks for the compliment.

It's difficult to accept what happened in Beijing. But you keep moving forward. It is as simple as putting one foot in front the other.

Mikaela Shiffrin from Team USA, discusses her experience with it disappointing performanceIn the 2022 Winter Games.

“No one is buying it.” It's not a dance song. It's what it is. He tried, and I salute him.

New York Yankees GM Brian CashmanOn Houston AstrosJim Crane, the owner, disputes Cashman's claim that Cashman singled out the Astros' scandal of sign-stealing as the reason for the Yankees recent championship drought.

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