Stephen Curry will ‘keep shooting’ to continue his NBA-best run, 233 games. Stephen Curry made 3 plays in Game 5 of the Golden State Warriors’ win

SAN FRANCISCO – One game after an amazing 43-point, 10-rebound performance. Stephen Curry His streak of 233 games without a made 3-pointer came to an abrupt halt in Game 5 of this NBA Finals.

Curry scored 0-for-9 in his 3rd attempt, but the Golden State Warriors They picked up their star and won Monday's crucial Game 5 104-94Over the Boston Celtics Chase Center

Curry ended the night with 16 point and eight assists. His all-time streak now stands at 233 games, with a 3-pointer in each of the regular season and playoffs. Curry will return to Boston on Thursday to play Game 6. He is looking to clinch yet another world championship as well as start a new 3-pointer run.

“Whether Steph finishes with 16-for-22 or 43 shooting, it doesn't matter if he gets 4, 10, or 4 — a win is win,” says a teammate. Draymond Green said.

“… He was 0-for-9 in 3. He was 0-for-9 in Game 3.

Curry has missed a 3 pointer in nine of his games since 2013. Curry's track record is one of a kind, bouncing back quickly from these rare instances. The most prolific 3-pointer shooter in NBA history has averaged 4.4 3-pointers per game and 46% 3-point shooting in the next game after not making a 3, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. This includes a NBA record 13 3-pointers in November 2016, against the odds. New Orleans Pelicans.

Curry made a 3 in the last game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Nov. 8, 2018. Milwaukee Bucks.

Curry stated that Curry's mentality is to keep shooting when he plays games such as this. “Very simple. “Very simple. I have always responded well to games from the 3-point line.

“But I have never — I don’t think I’ve ever been happier following a 0-for whatever type of night, just understanding the context of the match, other ways you tried and impacting the game, and knowing that four guys stepped up to help us offensively.”

Curry will trade his streak for a win at the NBA Finals, which puts the Warriors just one victory away of their fourth title in eight years.

He was delighted to be able to see it. Andrew Wiggins Finishing with 26 points, 13 rebounds and a critical double-double, the game was won. And Klay Thompson The 3-point shooting slump was redressed by five attempts and 21 points.

“We don't worry about No. Thompson stated that No. 30 is not a concern. Thompson stated, “He has done so many things and elevated this franchise into a place that it was difficult to even imagine. He has leeway and can have a bad day. He will respond, I know that. He's one my best competitors. He is a perfectionist just like me. He'll probably be thinking about those missed shots. It's a good thing because he will be thinking about the shots he missed on Thursday.

Curry has the longest streak of consecutive games with a made 3 pointer in regular season or playoffs, at 233 (2018-22), and 196 (2014-16). Jordan Clarkson Third all-time with 101 consecutive wins (2020-21).

Thompson stated, “The man is a magician who holds the ball in his hand.” “He has redefined the point guard role… he is truly a transcendent talent that will never be seen again.”

Curry's streak was broken, but he was still trying to send a message during his postgame news conference. He wore a T-shirt with the slogan “Ayesha Curry Can Cook” on it. This was in response to a Boston restaurant that had posted the message “AYESHA CURRY CAN’T COOK” on a sign outside their doors.

Boston doesn't want Chef Curry to cook again in Game 6. Curry declared that there was a “fire burning” in Game 6.

Curry stated, “Ofcourse it bothers me. Curry stated, “You want to make a difference in the game in that way. But, thankfully, that's only one thing you do out on the court.

Curry explained, “Obviously my track record indicates that I shoot better the next time,” Curry continued. “Looking forward that bounce-back.”

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