Steve Nash, Brooklyn Nets’s player wonders about Big Three’s future after James Harden’s trade

WASHINGTON — The Washington Brooklyn NetsThe book was closed James HardenSteve Nash, coach of the franchise's brief tenure, acknowledged that he couldn’t help but wonder about what could have been if circumstances had worked differently. Kevin Durant, Kyrie IrvingHarden during the past two seasons.

After Thursday's 113-112 loss at the hands of the Washington WizardsNash contemplated some of the “what-ifs” last season, including the playoffs when the Nets lost seven games to the defending champions. Milwaukee BucksThe Eastern Conference semifinals.

“You're up against the NBA champs by 2-0, and then to not having James in the first and then Kyrie during the last games, James being on the one leg. Jeff GreenNash stated that being out of the lineup caused all kinds of problems that hindered our chances of winning. You can't help but think that there are what-ifs in order to take them to overtime in Game 7. But that's just life. You can't look back. You have to keep looking forward.”

This was the message Nash sent in the aftermath of Thursday's blockbuster deal, which sent Harden to the throne. Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre DrummondTwo future first round picks. Nash had repeatedly stated that Harden wouldn’t be moved during recent days. However, after Thursday’s deal was made official, Nash and his players wished Harden all the best.

Irving stated that Harden and he shared “a mutual respect”; he wished him well. However, he said that he was excited about the future for the Nets.

Irving stated, “To be truthful with you, and this is something I think is not often spoken about in our industry or our business, you really don't know what people are going though or what they're going through.” “And you need to respect their wishes. That's what I do.

James and I share so much history, whether we're playing together or just watching from afar. This creates mutual respect. Although I can't say you feel it in the locker room, we do get hints. We wish him all the best and hope he is successful. Now, we are excited to move on with the new guys.

Nash claimed that he reached Out to Harden to Wish him “The Best of Luck.” He said he was not surprised by the deal, particularly considering the growing reports about Harden's desire for a trade to the Sixers.

Nash said, “I think in my last hours, as time ticked by, it seemed less apparent.” “But you're not surprised. These were the questions I was asked [about whether he would be traded]There was no communication between the teams.

Nash stated that he hadn't spoken to Harden regarding his reported “unhappiness” and stated that it was a pleasure to coach a historic player.

Irving was sympathetic to Harden's circumstances, but he did not try to persuade him to stay.

Irving stated, “That's not really my job in trying to convince someone of something he probably doesn't see right now.” James couldn't probably see what we were getting into. With my status being in and out I could see a few things that might have had an impact on things. We'll have to wait and see what he does. I can't speak for James.

Irving continued, “I believe we're also forgetting where I've requested for a trading, and it's something I understand, so I'm unable to judge him.” James, I don't want to be negative. He is a great man, and he has a wonderful family. That fact is something I do not want to lose. I want him to be happy. I want everyone in the league to be happy.”

Short term, Nash stated that Simmons' availability to the Nets was uncertain, considering how long Simmons has been out while he waited for trades out of Philadelphia. He said that trainers would evaluate Simmons to determine where he is at and what he needs.

The Nets will be entering Saturday's match against the Miami HeatDespite the fact that the Nets are currently on a 10-game losing streak Nash expressed optimism that they can win a championship this year, especially with the new additions.

Nash indicated that there was a “good possibility” Curry and Drummond would join up with the Nets before Saturday's match, but he was not certain if they would. Durant's MCL injury is still a concern. He continues his rehabilitation. LaMarcus Aldridge (sprained ankle), Joe Harris (ankle surgery), Nic Claxton(left hamstring tightness).

Nash replied, “Yeah I believe we always set our sights on that.” We're excited about the new pieces. Although we know we have a tight schedule and must get everyone well, gain cohesion, and build a team capable of playing at both ends, we don't want to let up. This new addition will allow us to reach for the stars, build relationships and have a sense if urgency.

Irving stated that Simmons would be welcome with open arms and veteran guard. Patty MillsSimmons, like Simmons, is an Australian-born player who was confident that Simmons wouldn't have the same issues in Australia.

Mills stated, “I've got him back.” “I have always had his back. And now, I have the opportunity of being with him. So I have had his back from far and I wish that I could have been there earlier in his career. It's being able do what I can remotely. It's a great opportunity to be with him. He can count on me to support him in every way possible.

“That's exactly how it has always been. But, at the end it's all about this. He is, I'm sure. We will have a great time together. To continue learning and to share as much with him as possible as a professional and an athlete.”

Irving, who cannot participate in home games as he isn't vaccinated against COVID-19 yet, believes he can still play full-time because the New York City vaccination mandate will eventually be removed.

Irving stated, “Just keep praying.” Keep doing the same thing every day to become a great basketball athlete. I will not be affected by the outcome of these cards.

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