Steve Nash states that Ben Simmons should let Brooklyn Nets know when Ben Simmons is ready to return.

BOSTON Brooklyn NetsSwingman Ben SimmonsThe former All-Star continues to “progressing, moving forward” in his recovery from a herniated back disk. However, it's up to the ex-All-Star whether he plays for the first-round playoff series against him. CelticsCoach Steve Nash stated that.

Nash remains uncommittal regarding a timetable for Simmons' possible return. The Nets are 1-0 down heading into Game 2 of the Eastern Conference series on Wednesday night.

After Wednesday's shootaround, Nash stated that there was no other way for him to say “I'm ready,” “Especially after such a long absence. He will be able to tell me, “I feel comfortable,” whenever he feels ready. I'm ready to go. I want to be a part of the game.

We can't force him to do things if he has been out so long. He must be at home and ready to go.

Simmons has not played since being acquired by the Nets. Philadelphia 76ersHe was unable to play in an NBA match since May last year, just before the February trade deadline. He was cleared for contactMonday, he was able to get in some 4-on-4 work alongside his teammates.

Nash indicated that he would continue his workouts before Wednesday's match.

Nets center: “He's coming along pretty well,” Nic ClaxtonSimmons, he said. He has a great swagger and attitude right now. He will certainly help us in many ways and I believe the world is ready for him to return out there.

Nash stated that Simmons must feel comfortable enough to play but that the training staff should also feel comfortable enough for Simmons to compete in games again.

Nash stated, “I believe it's more of an collective decision.” “I believe they realize that it's more than a linear equation. This has been an extended absence. It's more that they are in this together trying to find a solution and a timeframe for him to return to a place where he can play safely and be able to contribute.

The Nets are hopeful that he will continue to improve his skills through film and workouts.

Nash stated that if he is able to play, then he should be able to get as familiar as possible about what we do, as things change daily. “You're making adjustments and having him involved in all of that stuff so that if he's able to play at any point, he's comfortable.”

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