Post-All-Star break, NBA players sport striking looks

NBA players' wardrobes can become as viral as their highlights.

When it comes to fashion, some hoopers push the limits more than others. Philadelphia 76ersGuard James HardenHis attire is what sparks conversations. Consider February 15, for instance. his distinctive fitPhilly's game against The Boston CelticsThe Twitterverse talking.

Cleveland Cavalierscenter Jarrett AllenA gray hoodie and navy blue slacks teamed with gray sneakers were the simple way to go during NBA All-Star Weekend. Some people were left wanting more from this casual outfit.

Allen said, “You know what, it's funny. I thought I was fine.” said in responseYou can read the comments made about his attire at NBA All-Star Media Day. “What is the right thing to do? Wear a $5,000 chain to a basketball game?” It was a casual, comfortable outfit, so I'm okay with it.”

Some more NBA stars made heads with their attire after the All Star break. Extra-comfy ensembles featuring pop culture legends highlighted the stunning looks of the second half.

Aaron Gordon, Denver Nuggets April 10, 2022

Gordon's jacket during the regular-season finale of the team against the Los Angeles LakersThe news made it onto social media. The apparel was inspired by characters from Disney's animated series, “The Proud Family”, to honor three Nuggets players that played in the 2000s.

The coat features siblings Gina, Nubia, and Olei Gross. They were nicknamed the “Gross Sisters” because of their nicknames. Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony and Nenê. Hunter Huelle, a clothing designer for Humans Uniquely Expressed, created the “Denver Thuggets Letterman Jacket”.

In 2006 Iverson was tradedAndre Miller, and the Nuggets will take two of their 2007 first-round picks to the Nuggets. Joe Smith. Denver also received Ivan McFarlin. A.I. Anthony was in his fourth season. Nenê was in his fifth.

“Their rugged and fast-paced style of basketball, combined with their off-court style, attitude, and swagger earned them the nickname, Denver Thuggets,” reads the item. product description. “I saw it as an opportunity to mix with the incredible Gross Sisters, who always wore white t-shirts underneath their navy blue clothes.”

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City ThunderApril 5, 2022

Gilgeous Alexander finished his third season playing with Thunder, but was forced to retire due to an ankle injury. He participated in 56 games and averaged 24.5 point, 5.9 assists, and five boards per game. He is a fan of music from the Sooner State and his clothes show it.

The Thunder point guard wore an image t-shirt featuring Reba McEntire. McAlester, Oklahoma is where the Grammy Award-winning singer was born. McEntire sold more than 56 million records around the world and was a star in six seasons of a television series named after her (2001-2007). McEntire is one of only four entertainers to have received the National Artistic Achievement Award by the U.S. Congress. according to her website.

Ja Morant, Memphis GrizzliesApril 1, 2022

Morant made a promising step towards NBA superstardom, increasing his stats and leading Memphis Grizzlies' 56 wins this season. Because of his incredible stats, he's an internet sensation. jaw-dropping playsIt was a season of eye-catching looks. On April 1, he wore a multi-colored shirt, shoes and jacket from Louis Vuitton.

Morant isn't the only one to wear luxury fashion brands' apparel. He wore Louis Vuitton's March 24th. workwear shirtAnd trainer sneakersTo Memphis' match against the Indiana Pacers.

Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets– March 13, 2022

Irving was not able to play for the Nets in the match against the New York KnicksHis jacket was the talk on Twitter that night, March 13.

Irving wore a Walter Van Beirendonck item when he appeared on courtside to support his team. Irving wore a coat by Walter Van Beirendonck with graphic graphics on the front and the words “States, Empires, and Worlds” across the front. NBA Twitter fans inquired about the possibility of getting the item during the contest.

Unfortunately, the jacket is no longer being made. Van Beirendonck made the jacket as part of his “The Jacket.”Worlds of Sun and Moon” Winter Collection in 2018

Myles Turner, Indiana PacersMarch 4, 2022

Turner was not active against the Pacers on March 4, when they were playing the Pacers. Detroit PistonsA foot injury. He wore a hoodie with long sleeves and extra long sleeves that night. This prompted comparisons to the similar style worn by Washington WizardsGuard Kyle Kuzma.

Kuzma wore a large pink sweater on Nov. 22, 2021. evoked reactionsFrom former Lakers teammates LeBron James, Anthony DavisThere are many more players in the NBA.

Turner wanted to find out who was rocking the most baggy look after the game.

Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors – Feb. 24, 2022

The NBA all-time 3-point leaderBefore his matchup with The, social media was buzzing about his jacket. Portland Trail Blazers. Curry arrived in a leather trench coatRomeo Hunte in New York.

Festus Ezeli, a former Warriors teammate and Splash Brother, is also pictured. Klay ThompsonHad their own reactionsCurry's pregame clothing

Shai Gilgeous Alexander – February 24, 2022

The temperatureFor the Thunders' February 24th game against the Phoenix SunsIt was between 22 and 14 degrees. Gilgeous-Alexander was extra warm for the weather conditions. He arrived in a fleece hoodie almost covering his entire face and paired it with a hat. blonde-colored vestFashion brand Entire Studios. Gilgeous Alexander was playing his first 10 games since he had broken his ankle.

His hot night on offense may have been due to the point guard's fit. Gilgeous Alexander finished the game with 32 points and 59% field shooting.

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