Super Bowl 2022: Printable scorecard for prop bets Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals

Are you fed up with the standard square game? Let's get creative with props. There are over 2000 ways to place Super Bowl LVI bets. We have everything you need to know about prop betting, including the coin flip and the exact score as well as all props.

We have selected 24 props out of the thousands that Caesars Sportsbook has released.

It's simple. Print it, pick a game and follow along. There are many ways you can use the prop card. These are just some examples. You can create your own fun.

1. Everyone can pick which side the prop will hit. The winner is determined by the number of correct choices.

2. You can hold a draft with friends. The winner is the one who picks the correct props.

3. Take the card and cut it up. Then, place the pieces in a hat. The person who picks the best ones wins.

Here's a primer for those who want to add betting to their game.

Have fun

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