Super Bowl LVI was viewed by 101.1 million viewers in 2021, an increase of 2021.

NEW YORK — The event was viewed by an estimated 101.1 million people Los Angeles RamsThe Super Bowl is yours! Cincinnati BengalsTelemundo and NBC, up from 2021, and capping a thrilling playoff schedule for NFL.

The television audience for the game last year was 92 million. This is the lowest number since 2006.

According to Nielsen, the game was streamed by another 11.2 million people. This brings the total audience to 112.3 million.

Like most playoff games, the game reached the final. Competitiveness often adds viewers. This game broke with television trends, which sees viewership decrease from year to year.

Nielsen stated that 99.2 Million people saw the game on NBC and another 1.9 Million on Telemundo in Spanish.

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