Jason Licht, general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, says there are no discussions about Dolphins rumors and a new contract with quarterback Tom Brady.

TAMPA, Fla. — Tampa Bay BuccaneersGeneral manager Jason Licht stated Tuesday that, despite reports that the quarterback was being fired, he will continue to manage the team. Tom Bradywas willing to be called a minority owner Miami DolphinsHe could also play for them, but he and the seven-time Super Bowl champion have not had any discussions about it. Brady and he have also not discussed the possibility of signing a new contract to secure his future.

“No, those discussions have not taken place,” said Licht. He has known Brady since 2002 when Licht was the President. New England PatriotsAssistant director of player personnel. “The only discussion I've had with Tom is that he has returned. We're excited about the new year and can't wait to get started.”

Brady is currently under contract with Bucs for one season. They would have kept Brady's rights in the event that he pursued a position at the Dolphins. Coach Bruce Arians, who was stepping down to take a position with the Bucs' front offices, and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles being the new head coach, stated at the NFL combine that they would not allow Brady to move to another team.

“Nope. Arians stated that this was bad business, and then added that it would take more than a king’s ransom to get Brady away. “Five No. 1s. Maybe,” Arians said. Brady has not yet committed to playing beyond 2022. If he chooses to continue playing, he would become an unrestricted-free agent after this season. This means that he could sign with any team.

Licht's reaction to all the talkter linking Brady to the Dolphins and reports that Sean Payton was being lured to retire to team up with Brady down south? “I make of it, chatter, just as you said. We're focusing on the draft to put our team together and we're all excited. Tom, Todd [Bowles]Byron, me [Leftwich]This season, the entire coaching staff.

Arians' new role on the team is not yet clear but he has been involved in team draft meetings and will join Licht and Bowles at the draft war room.

Licht stated, “The philosophy hasn’t changed.” It's been a matter of meeting with Todd more as the head coach, both one-on-one or in groups. Bruce is still involved. He has been present in our meetings. Bruce is still present at our meetings. He'll also be here helping us finish the draft. Our philosophy has not changed. We want to bring in great players.”

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