After ‘dangerous’ play by Devon Toews, the Colorado Avalanche’s Devon Kucherov made Tampa Bay Lightning’s Nikita Kucherov expelled from Game 3.

After 'dangerous' play by Devon Toews, the Colorado Avalanche's Devon Kucherov made Tampa Bay Lightning's Nikita Kucherov expelled from Game 3.

TAMPA Tampa Bay Lightning Star Nikita Kucherov After what his teammate called “a risky play”, he left Game 3 of Stanley Cup Final. Colorado Avalanche defenseman Devon Toews.

Kucherov quit the game after 6:05 in the third period. 6-2 victory The Avalanche cut Colorado's lead to 2-1.

Toews put his stick into Kucherov's back while the Lightning winger was handling the puck. He then pushed Kucherov along ice to the boards, and Kucherov fell on one knee.

Kucherov briefly chased Toews. After Toews was whistled, Kucherov came out to participate in the power play. He then returned to the Lightning trainers' area.

Lightning defenseman: “It's one those plays you don’t want to watch.” Victor Hedman. It's dangerous. That's something you don't want to see. We'll wait to see what happens, but it is unlikely. It's dangerous, however.

Two minutes after Kucherov had hit Avalanche defenseman, the Toews crosscheck occurred. Josh Manson On a hit that could have deserved a penalty, Manson was pushed along the boards. Colorado's Manson ended the game.

Coach Jon Cooper stated there were no updates on Kucherov's situation.

“No updates on any of our players, unfortunately. Cooper stated, “We'll make that tomorrow.”

Cooper stated that the incident involving the Toews crosscheck speaks for itself.

Cooper stated, “When you are asked such questions, you look for the answer that everyone in the building already knows.” It's a fun game. It's a contact sport. Guys know what they are doing. Smart and savvy players are able to see what's happening with their sticks. We all saw it.

Kucherov is the Lightning’s top scorer, scoring seven goals and providing 19 assists for 26 points over 20 games. He also had two assists during Game 3.

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