Taylor Jenkins, Memphis Grizzlies coach, says Ja Morant will likely miss Game 4.

SAN FRANCISCO Memphis Grizzlies star point guard Ja MorantTaylor Jenkins, head coach, stated on Sunday that Johnson will likely miss Game 4 because of a knee injury.

Jenkins stated that Jenkins was continuing to evaluate the situation. “But from everything I have heard, there's probably a very good chance he doesn’t go tomorrow.”

The Grizzlies have not yet provided details on the nature of Morant’s injury to his knee. The Grizzlies believe that it was due to a play. Jordan PooleWhile Morant was going for a basket on a trap near halfcourt, Morant grabbed her knee.

ESPN reported that Poole will not be disciplined by the NBA. Jenkins claimed that Zach Kleiman, Memphis' executive Vice President of Basketball Operations/General Manager, was in touch with the league regarding the play.

Jenkins stated, “Just trying being factual here,” when Jenkins was asked his opinion about the play. “This is Ja's statement, and this is what the medical team said after reviewing the play. Ja was feeling great and playing well all the way. The grab of Ja's knee caused the injury. We took Ja out.

“Nothing has changed since then in terms of the play that triggered it.”

Morant left Chase Center Saturday night without speaking with reporters. Morant tweeted initially “broke the Code”, but later deleted the tweet. Poole was seen grabbing his knee in the fourth-quarter play.

Following Memphis' 142-112 loss, Morant could have been seen limping toward the team bus.

Poole stated that he was not trying intentionally to hurt Morant. He and Andrew WigginsMorant was caught near half court. Wiggins was called out for a foul with just 6:55 remaining in the game. Morant would be out at 6:19 and the Warriors were up 17 before he returned to the locker area limping.

Poole claimed that Poole doubled Poole's score by playing basketball. Poole said, “And I hit it, and I was going after the ball. You don't want anyone to get hurt. I'm not like that. I respect everyone.”

The Grizzlies were 20-5 in this season's season without Morant. Morant was out of action for nine games in March and April with right knee soreness.

“Ja’s spirits are great,” declared the point guard Tyus JonesMorant will not be able to play. “Obviously he's frustrated. You're most frustrated when you get hurt or are ill. [But]His spirits are positive. He's still working hard to get well and to continue to compete with others.

Jones said that he believed the play involving Poole to be “interesting” but that he didn't believe anyone was trying hurt anyone.

Jones stated that he doesn't believe Poole, or anyone in this series, is necessarily a dirty play. It was an interesting play. That's all I can tell you. Although it was not the usual play, I don't believe he was trying in any way to injure 12.

The Grizzlies will be Dillon BrooksThe wing was suspended in Game 3 and given a one game suspension for his flagrant two foul in Game 2. Gary Payton IIA fractured elbow was caused by Brooks. Steve Kerr was furious that Brooks had committed a flagrant foul by hitting Payton in the head, while the Warriors' point guard was on the floor going up for a transition shot.

Now, the Grizzlies could be down 2-1 without their star point guard in Game 4.

“When he was on court, you could see how dominant he is and how heavily we rely on him,” power forward Xavier Tillman said. “So, when he's not on the court it's now to show him that ‘we got'. Although it is unfortunate for him to be absent from the court, it is not a bad situation. We have your back and will continue to support you until you are ready.

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