Treylon Burks is the Tennessee Titans’ first-round selection.

NASHVILLE (Tenn.) — The mystery surrounding this setback Tennessee TitansFirst-round pick Treylon Burks Since rookie minicamp, has had some clarity on Tuesday.

Before the Titans took to the field for OTAs, Rob Moore, Titans wide receiver coach, said that it was “unfortunate”. “Some of the issues he's having to deal with are beyond his control.” The child has asthma.

Burks couldn't make it through his rookie minicamp. Before returning to practice, Burks was seen with an inhaler on his neck.

While the rookie receiver practiced for the past two weeks, he was not available to take part in practice Tuesday. Mike Vrabel, Titans coach didn't specify whether Burks' absence was due to asthma. He said that Burks wasn’t available.

Vrabel stated that the Titans knew about Burks' asthma prior to selecting him for the No. 18th overall selection in April, and is optimistic that he will be able manage it during the season.

Tennessee used one of two picks that they had. A.J. Brown Burks will be your best choice. Burks is a key part of the Titans offense.

Moore stated that Moore understood what Moore expected. Moore said, “I'm excited for Treylon and the potential he will bring to this football team.” He just needs to stay healthy and show the world what he is capable of.

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