Tennessee Titans plan for Ryan Tannehill to remain as starter and Malik Willis to be developed – Tennessee Titans blog

NASHVILLE TENN. — Sometimes it is time to let go of the franchise quarterback. NFL teams have the same goal as any other position: to become younger and more affordable.

The Tennessee TitansThey were adamant that Ryan TannehillTheir starter, even though the 2021 season abruptly ended with a loss in the divisional round to the 19-16 Cincinnati BengalsTannehill was interrogated three times. Tannehill is 34 years old this summer.

The Titans need to begin planning for their future. The draft’s third round may have provided the opportunity to do just that.

Tennessee has selected Liberty quarterback Malik WillisWith the No. 86th overall pick. Multiple draft analysts, including Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr., considered Willis a first-round talent.

Jon Robinson, Titans general manger, stated that Willis was the “best player on the board”, and that the team is excited to have him. “He’s athletic, good with his arm and moves well. He also has a great skill set. He can throw a good ball, and is difficult to tackle. Like all rookies, he has a lot to learn.

Willis is a great quarterback, but he still has a lot to learn. Willis’ mechanics may cause him to miss throws at times.

Willis’s ability to make incredible throws will show how much potential he has. Willis’ rocket arm enables him to throw the ball anywhere on the field with ease, accuracy and speed.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, Willis threw 13 touchdowns with 15 or more air yards downfield last season. Willis also had 31 completions where he threw a ball 20-plus yards downfield. He tied for seventh in FBS with that number.

You should also consider his ability to play a role as a rusher. Last year, he rushed for 878 yards and 13 touchdowns. Willis could be used in select packages by the Titans’ coaching staff to get valuable reps and prepare him for the next level.

The pressure to rush the playmaking quarterback into his duties is relieved by being selected in the third round. Willis’ development process will be aided by Tannehill being there to help. Tannehill can keep the Titans competitive while Willis is developed.

Willis said that Ryan Tannehill is a great athlete and a great leader. “I just want the opportunity to go in and try my best at my craft. When the right time comes, I’ll be there. I will, however, continue to learn and strive to be the best friend I can to my teammates.

Willis is a great competitor for the Titans. They also know that it will take time to make Willis an impactful player. Willis will not be able to step into the lead role immediately.

Willis is able to slowly absorb the playbook and make progress. If he had been selected in the first round, that luxury may not have been available to him.

Robinson spoke out about Willis’s rise to the starting line up.

Vrabel stated, “We want them all competing for the starting roles.” “Everybody wants to live in the corner office. It’s what professional sports are all about.

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