Terry Bradshaw, Kansas City Royals’ struggling fire hitting coach, should be promoted to Alex Zumwalt

KANSAS CITY (Mo. — RoyalsTerry Bradshaw, the hitting coach, was fired and Alex Zumwalt was promoted to his position Monday. This is part of a restructuring of the coaching staff. They hope it will help them wake up one the worst offenses in major league baseball this season.

The Royals have scored an impressive 118 runs in their 32 first games. This is better than Orioles, Tigers and White Sox. Their 21 home runs are second only to the Red Sox and Tigers for the worst totals in the major leagues.

The Royals began the day 12-20 and 6½ games behind the Twins in the AL Central.

JJ Picollo, the Royals general manager, stated in a statement that “Baseball is always shifting” and that he and his team must continue to evaluate their performance and ensure they are giving players all they need to succeed at the highest levels. “Our results thus far have not been as good as we are capable of. We all share responsibility for that.”

Zumwalt started his career as a Scout in 2011, but has since been the leader of a shift within the Royals' Minor League Program in Hit Development. Last season's results were clear Bobby Witt Jr. Baseball American awarded him the Minor League Player Of The Year award. MJ MelendezAs the minor league home-run champion, the Joe Bauman Award was won.

Both of them are part of the big league team this season.

Keoni DeRenne will continue to be the assistant hitting coach, and Mike Tosar will be the special assignment hitting coach.

Before opening a five-game, four-day series against the White Sox, Mike Matheny, Royals manager, stated that “Changes such as this are never easy” and thanked Terry for his friendship. “We can all do more, and that applies to me as well. I believe that there are better days ahead and that Alec Keoni, Mike and Mike will assist us in getting there.

Bradshaw was with the Royals organization since 2000. He helped usher the majors. Mike Moustakas Eric HosmerTwo of the cornerstones of their championship team in 2015 were he and He also assisted. Whit MerrifieldTwo times, the American League's top hits leader was Jorge SolerBreak the club's single season home run record Salvador PerezMatching results from last year

Dayton Moore, president of the Royals, stated that Terry is “one of the best men I've ever known in baseball.” Terry is a great man and the Royals are a better team because of him. We want to thank Terry and his family for everything they have done.

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