Terry Fontenot, General Manager – Atlanta Falcons plan to draft a quarterback

FLOWERY BRANCH in Ga. — The Atlanta FalconsAre you looking for a new quarterback?

This does not mean that the team will select the eighth pick, or any other draft pick on Thursday or Friday. But Terry Fontenot, the general manager, made it clear Tuesday that the Falcons are still looking into the possibility of adding another signal caller to their roster.

This doesn't necessarily mean that it's a starter. However, the team wants more than one. Marcus Mariota Feleipe Franksas they have the option of resigning.

Fontenot stated that while we won't give away our plans at eight or any other picks, we might draft a quarterback. “We want to increase that room, and we'll watch what happens.”

After the team tried to pursue a quarterback in March, Atlanta became more involved in the quarterback debate. Deshaun WatsonWhen he was being sold and ultimately traded from the Houston TexansThe Cleveland Browns.

In that spirit, we have included the quarterback Matt RyanWhile he was still with Falcons, he delayed the roster bonus due to him by the Falcons. He then was traded from Atlanta for the Indianapolis Colts. Mariota was also signed by the club that day. 2 pick by the club in the 2015 draft Tennessee TitansRyan will be replaced in the short-term.

Ryan was Atlanta's No. 1 quarterback. From the time he was drafted in 2008, Ryan was Atlanta's quarterback.

Fontenot indicated that they spent a lot time looking at the 2018 quarterback draft class, as well as the 2021 draft. In the latter case, the team didn't select any quarterback. Franks was signed undrafted as a free agent. Franks joined the team in training camp. He was there as a backup to Ryan and experimented with tight end.

Atlanta had presence at all of the pro-days for the top class quarterbacks, including Pitt. Kenny Pickett, Liberty's Malik WillisCincinnati's Desmond Ridder.

Fontenot claimed that it is hard to predict the first round of this draft because of all the questions about the quarterbacks. Fontenot, for example, felt Atlanta had the No. 1 draft pick last year. 4 because the idea that all three of the top picks would be quarterbacks. Trevor LawrenceThe Jacksonville Jaguars, Zach WilsonThe New York JetsAnd then Trey LanceThe San Francisco 49ers.

This year is full of intrigue.

Fontenot stated, “It is really difficult to predict.” Fontenot said, “This is a very special draft.”

Fontenot wouldn't, however, say if he believed there were starter quarterbacks in this class, but he said that he believes there is a starter at every position.

Fontenot stated that “Right now they evaluate the players.” “Of course, there will be starters who come out of this group. With some of the players, we won't find out until three to four years later. Every position has starters and backups.

He stated that Atlanta's scouting team has considered classes beyond 2022.

He stated that he and his team are both “in the moment” with the draft, but also look at the bigger picture. However, he added that they don't consider who might be targeted next year because so much can happen in one year.

Fontenot wouldn't be disappointed if they decide to go without a QB in the 2022 draft. There are other ways to expand your quarterback room. Atlanta signed for instance AJ McCarronRyan's backup after the draft last year, when Ryan was not selected as a quarterback in the first round.

It could be in the draft. It could happen after the draft. Fontenot suggested that trade could be an option. “We won't limit ourselves to any possible option. We'll turn over every stone.

Smith indicated that he has more control over when the Falcons might or may not hire a quarterback due to the gravity of the decision and overall structure of the team. Fontenot and Smith would ultimately make that decision together.

Smith said, “That's the thing about football, particularly professional football. It's such a huge decision.” It's the most important position in professional sport, especially if you plan to invest.

“For better or worse the NFL and that place, it's very important to make this thing work, so yeah. It's a significant investment.

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