Texas woman sues Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys’ owner, for DNA testing

DALLAS — Texas woman of 25 years sued Dallas CowboysJerry Jones, her owner, claimed that he was her biological father. She has now dropped the lawsuit.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Alexandra Davis stated Wednesday in court papers that she wants genetic testing to confirm her claim.

Jay Gray, Davis' lawyer, stated that Alexandra had just made the decision to proceed with DNA testing and parentage. “She wants all doubts to be removed about Jerry being her dad.”

Jones' lawyers had requested in court filings that this suit be dismissed, but they did not address the paternity claims. Jones' representative declined to comment.

The suit alleged that Jones had a relationship to Davis' mother Cynthia Davis. Cynthia was working as a ticket agent for American Airlines in Little Rock (Arkansas) at the time. Alexandra Davis was conceived in 1996.

According to court records, Davis and her mom reached an agreement in which Jones would provide financial support for them so long as they didn’t publicly identify him her father. Jones denied being the father at the time the agreement was reached in 1998.

Jones and Gene were married in 1963. The couple has three children and each of them holds a position in the Cowboys' top office. Jerry Jones serves as the team president and general manger.

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